The NBA Top Shot pack drop experience is a classic and time-honored part of being a collector, but for a limited-time, we’re piloting something a little different. 

Today, we are introducing a new concept called “RSVP Drops.”

RSVP Drops maximize ease and convenience around pack drops by creating an inclusive window of time for our global community of basketball fans to opt-in to the chance at getting a pack. 

To put it simply, if you want the chance at a new pack, all you have to do is say “yes.”

Everything you love about a pack drop is staying. The slice of nostalgia. The suspense of landing one. The thrill of ripping open a pack filled with Moments from your favorite teams and players. Now that experience comes with more flexibility than ever. 

We’ll be testing this approach to pack drops with a Stress Test — which you can RSVP for right now — followed by a full-scale WNBA drop in September. 

Based on the feedback we receive and how this approach performs, it’s possible that RSVP Drops — or a variation of them — becomes a new model for future WNBA and NBA Series 4 Top Shot drops.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how Top Shot RSVP Drops work.

The Announcement

When a pack drop is announced, you’ll have the opportunity to say “yes, I want this pack” by clicking "join draw" any time before "the draw" closes on the day of a drop.

We’ll provide you with all of the details and information you need to make a decision.

You can choose if you want to go for it and confirm your participation, with plenty of time to get ready and get into “the draw.”   

Sample images of the experience throughout this blog illustrate how RSVP Drops work. The prices and packs are only examples.

The Confirmation

Using your Dapper Balance, you will authorize the purchase of the desired upcoming pack if you are randomly selected to get one.

Once you commit to purchasing the pack, those funds will remain locked until the winners are selected.

You can only pay with Dapper Balance, so make sure your Wallet is ready for showtime. 

The Draw

When it’s time for this new type of drop, instead of joining a Waiting Room and Queue, everyone who committed to buying the pack and authorized their purchase will be randomized in the draw for the drop.

You don’t need to show up or lift a finger.

The Drop

If 5,000 packs are available and 50,000 collectors opt-in and confirm their participation in the draw during the RSVP window, 5,000 randomly selected collectors will automatically be sent a pack, along with a confirmation email and the removal of the required Dapper Balance.

The other 45,000 collectors who are not one of the 5,000 to land a pack will receive an email notifying them that they didn’t get a pack for this drop, and have the Dapper Balance they authorized released to their Dapper Wallet to be spent however they’d like. 

No Waiting Room. 

No Queue. 

Just say “yes” and wait to find out if you’ve got the newest Top Shot pack. 

So, will you RSVP