• Rare Run it Back packs from the 2005-06 season feature Top Shot debut Moments for NBA legends Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, Ben Wallace and many others. 
  • The Archive Set will also be introduced next week, allowing collectors of all levels to own historical Common Moments from NBA greats.
  • For a deep dive, see all the Collector Score requirements, pack sizes, and more below.

The 2005-06 season was pivotal in defining the modern NBA. And on Thursday, October 14th, you’ll have the opportunity to collect the greatest Moments from one of the most exciting years of the century. 

Run Who Back?

In addition to Dwyane Wade’s Top Shot debut, this drop will feature Top Shot debuts from six NBA Hall of Famers, along with epic Moments from a bunch of other Hall of Famers who’ve already debuted on Top Shot. 

Among the headliners debuting, we’ll see: 

  • Allen Iverson, at the peak of his powers, pulling off one of the coldest crossovers in NBA history.

  • Shaquille O’Neal flexing his unforgettable mobility and love for the game, while  cementing his legacy as an all-time great with his fourth NBA championship.
  • Tracy McGrady, in his prime, effortlessly slashing through the paint and throwing down a thunderous slam in his sixth straight All-Star season.

  • Ben Wallace in his fourth DPOY season dominating the interior as he did better than any of his peers.  

These four join Flash, whose 2005-06 season catapulted him from All-Star to superstar seemingly overnight, as he took home the Finals MVP trophy at just 24 years old.


We’re FAR from done here. More specific player reveals are coming over the next week, and there are going to be a ton of crowd pleasers. Follow us on social for the latest.


Plus: Unlocking the Archive

When the Rare Run It Back packs drop next week, many of you will be lucky enough to grab one - but for the rest of you, worry not. We have a plan to make sure many collectors have a chance to walk away with some blasts from the past.

We’re excited to announce the Archive Set, a new set that will bring incredible Moments from yesteryear to Top Shot as accessible Common Moments.

And your first chance to grab Archive Set packs will be Thursday as Rebound Packs for collectors who are unable to snag a Run It Back pack. 

Who’s in this Archive Set?

For this inaugural drop, the Archive Set will feature Common Moments from both the 2005-06 season AND the 2013-14 season. We’re talking:

  • Damian Lillard nailing his first career playoff game winner at the buzzer in 2014 to take down the Rockets. 
  • A rookie Chris Paul turning heads as an upstart 21-year-old.*
  • Kyle Korver hitting a clutch buzzer beater with the Sixers as his Top Shot Debut. 

*Chris Paul will also have a rookie Rare Moment dropping in the Run It Back set next week. 

Just stick around after you go for your Run It Back pack and even if you don't grab a great spot in line, you could still get a chance at these packs. You can’t be a complete rookie to nab a pack, as you’ll need 100 Collect Score points to join the General Queue, so sign up now and grab a few Moments to boost your score.

Bonus: Already Have a Run It Back 2013-14 Moment?

To our most devoted fans, we see you!

For each Run It Back 2013-14 Moment you own in your collection (as of a snapshot taken at time of this publishing) we will drop you one Archive Set pack next week. For more information about this one-time special celebration, read here. Please note, this promotion applies to only Series 1 Run It Back Moments.

Give Me More: All the Details about the Drops

Here are all the details we can share so far about the drop:

Run It Back 2005-06

Price: $169

Date: October 14th 

Number of Queues: 3

Drop Bonuses: 1 point for every $1 spent in the Marketplace on Moments you still own (cap of 5,000 points) & 100 points for owning 3 Moments from your favorite team. 

Pack Contents: 1 Rare Run It Back 2005-06 (#/990) and 4 Archive Set Commons (#/10K-20K)

General Queue: 

Time: 2pm PDT on Thursday, October 14

Number of packs: 22,550 Run It Back Packs and 90,000 Archive Packs 

Requirements: 100 Collector Score 

Priority Queue 1

Time: 10am PDT
Number of packs: 6,000 packs

Requirements: 10,000 Collector Score 

Priority Queue 2: 

Time: 12pm PDT

Number of packs: 16,000 packs

Requirements: 2,500 Collector Score 

Archive Set

Price: $19

Date: October 14th, 2pm PDT 

Number of Queues: 1… these packs will begin selling after Run It Back 2005-06 packs sell out in the General Queue

Pack Contents: 3 Archive Set Commons (#/10-20K)

What’s Our Long-Term Vision For Historical Moments?

We want to get these Moments into the hands of millions of fans across the world.

The Archive Set, in a way, is designed to be our core Base Set for historical Moments. Many players will have historical Moments in both the Rare and Common tiers, and the Archive Set will be a growing set consisting of Moments from years we “Run It Back” to. 

Please note, there will be a second drop of Archive Set packs coming in a few weeks, and those packs will contain some Moments from players that will also have Rare Run It Back Moments dropping next week. It’s safe to assume that most players will have a Run It Back and Archive Moment from the same season over time. 

Run It Back will always be our flagship historical Rare set -- meaning historical Rare Moments will be found in Run It Back packs. 

We plan to save the best plays for the rare Run It Back set, and always intend for them to be rare collectibles. Please note: we are planning to release Legendary historical Moments on Top Shot in the future. We are considering several themes here including Legendary sets featuring Moments exclusively from the NBA Finals, as one example. 

Stay tuned for more updates in the next few days, but in the meantime get ready for some exciting new Moments and debuts coming to Top Shot next week!