Happy Friday, Top Shot crew!

With the conference finals roaring on, we've been in the lab working hard to make NBA Top Shot even better. Thanks to your feedback, we now know which features have the community buzzing, and which features you still want to see. We're going to be doubling down on improving the product in the coming months and we're cooking up some cool initiatives for the community to enjoy as more packs drop.

Keeping the community posted on product updates is a priority of ours. So going forward, as we make changes to the platform, we'll regularly send out roundups covering what's new.

This week, we've got some tasty features and improvements that we think will make your collection even more exciting.

Introducing Showcase Reels:

Have you been looking for more ways to appreciate your collection? Now you can try our new Showcase Reels. Showcase Reels string your best Moments together into a perfectly curated highlight reel of your best Moments for other collectors to check out (and get jealous of).

Check out KyloRen's Showcase Reel, featuring five Legendary moments (each minted #1-of-50, no less), for some inspiration.

Showcase Reels are easy to share. Simply go to Showcases from the main menu to see other members' best curated Moments. Make your first Showcase Reel today!

Accessible via the menu option in the top left of your screen.

Marketplace Thumbnails, 2.0:

Better colors, better artwork. NBA Top Shot. Every Moment has an origin story. Our new thumbnails capture that story.

So swaggy, even Swaggy P would have to do a double take.

Easier to complete challenges:

Still a Moment or two shy from completing a challenge? Don't sweat it. Now, when you click on a specific Moment you don’t have yet (e.g. the gray Jamal Murray thumbnail below) within a challenge, we'll take you straight to the Marketplace so you can easily find the Moment, collect it, and move one step closer to completing the challenge.

Other improvements:

  • Bug fixes on marketplace search
  • Bug fixes on Showcases, pack order, and navigation

Stay tuned for more updates, coming soon. In the meantime, join the Top Shot conversation on Discord.