What’s up NBA Top Shot squad!

We’re back with another Dev Diary to keep y’all posted on the latest features to drop on NBA Top Shot.

As you may already know, we have an exciting next week ahead as we leave the early access to the beta and enter a new phase of NBA Top Shot where many new collectors will be joining the NBA Top Shot ecosystem very quickly.

We spent this week prioritizing bug fixes as we get ready for the big launch. As a result, we have less feature updates this week than last. But rest assured: we’re getting our ducks in a row and have a lot of cool things coming down the pipeline. Without further ado, this is what we’ve cooked up this week:

Unopened Packs

‍It’s been a heavily requested product feature, and it’s finally here!

Until now, when you purchased a pack, you automatically received those Moments in your collection.

Starting today, you now have the choice of either opening the pack and seeing the Moment in your collection, OR you can save that pack to open later.

On its face, this doesn’t change much about collecting today. But in the near future, this will give us a tremendous tool to improve and make more versatile.

For example, we anticipate that community members will soon be able to gift, trade, or sell unopened packs to peers in the marketplace. While we don't have a firm timeline in place yet, the good news is that as long as your packs stay unopened, they’ll remain eligible for all of the future use-cases that we’re envisioning.

Bolster Your Balance with Crypto

Got your eye on a special Moment in the marketplace, but don't have enough Dapper Balance to nab it yet? You're in luck, as you can now add to your Dapper Balance with crypto deposits. This also means you can save on gas by making a single large deposit instead of new ones for each pack purchase. By clicking on the Dapper Balance option on a payment screen, you will now see a button that allows you to make a crypto deposit. Because we launched this feature, we felt it was appropriate to also…

Increase P2P Price Limits

‍Until this week, Moments in the Marketplace couldn't be priced higher than $10,000 USD. Due to popular request and the ability to deposit Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies to your Dapper Balance, we’ve now raised the max listing price to $50,000 USD. Time to list that #1 LeDunk?


‍Last week, we fixed the thumbnails for player Moments. This week, we updated the thumbnails on Showcase Reels and pack receipts. The changes are subtle, but we’ll continue to make the product cleaner wherever we can.

‍Bug Fixes

‍We have fixed bugs that were causing issues with:

  • Discovery
  • Showcases
  • Leaderboards

Stay tuned for a big week ahead on NBA Top Shot, and for some more sweet product updates coming at you in the next week!