Fast Facts:

  • The first release of our Series 1 Reserve Packs drops Tuesday, November 30th, 2021
  • These packs contain 4 Moment™ collectibles from Series 1. 
  • 1 Moment minted to just 1,000, 
  • 3 Moments minted between 1,240 and 3,999
  • There will only be one queue, starting at 11am PST, open for 24 hours or until sold out
  • 500 packs will be available for purchase via Trade Tickets*
  • Collectors can purchase 1 pack per drop
  • Collectors must have the required 350 Trade Tickets 24 hours before the drop

The time is finally here. 

Moments from Series 1, historic collectibles on the platform, make a triumphant return in packs on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021. 

Featuring Top Shot Debuts from some of the biggest stars to ever play the game, these packs represent a chance to own the Moments that started it all.

The journey to get here has been eventful, and we appreciate your patience. Your continued support testing our Locker Packs has confirmed that our system is ready to go. 

The consistent supply of Base Set packs early in the season allows us to finally bring the Series 1 Reserve packs to the community responsibly. 

The only way to purchase these packs will be via Trade Tickets. Hopeful collectors with the  requisite number of Trade Tickets in their account 24 hours before the drop will be able to join a Waiting Room and get randomly placed in a queue. For this queue, you will only be able to redeem packs using your Trade Tickets. To repeat, you will not be able to use Dapper Balance or credit cards to purchase the Series 1 Reserve packs from Trade Ticket queues. 

This is the first release of our Series 1 Reserve packs, and our first step of an approximate 18 month plan to get these Series 1 Base Set Moments fully distributed to the community. Please note: more opportunities for more Series 1 Reserve packs will be released over the coming months, and the number of Trade Tickets required for future drops is still subject to change. 

If you need a refresher on these packs and Trade Tickets, please read the original blog.

Series 1 Reserve Pack: 

Packs: 500

Price: 350 Trade Tickets

Number of Moments per pack: 4

Edition Size of Moments in packs: Variable, 1 Moment minted to just 1,000, 3 Moments minted between 1,240 and 3,999. 

Drop Time: 11am PST on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021

Number of queues: 1

Number of packs per collector: 1 

*These 500 packs represent the first batch of a total of 10,425 Series 1 Reserve packs, which will be released over the next 18 months.