The final packs of Series 3 are dropping on Thursday, July 14, 2022, and the only way to get them is with Trade Tickets. 

It’s the first pack drop ever to guarantee a Rare or Legendary Moment in exchange for Trade Tickets, and for many members of our global community, landing a pack will be easier and more convenient than ever with our Queue Allowlists. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Each pack is guaranteed to have a Legendary Holo Icon Moment (minted to /99) or Rare Metallic Gold LE Moment (minted to /749) from the 2021-22 NBA season inside. The Holo Icon set includes 90 total Moments, featuring three of the best players across all 30 teams. The Metallic Gold LE set includes 150 total Moments, featuring the five most collectible players across all 30 teams. Simply put, these packs are loaded with stars.

  • These packs will cost 60 Trade Tickets. To earn Trade Tickets, you can trade any Moment from your collection into the Locker Room. One Moment is equal to one Trade Ticket, no matter the Moment you use. No packs will be available to purchase for dollars or cryptocurrency.

  • In addition to one Holo Icon (4.46% chance) or Metallic Gold LE Moment (95.54% chance), these packs will also include four Base Set Common Moments from Series 3, for five total Moments in each pack.

  • With 12,535 total packs available, 62,675 Moments being released and 752,100 Trade Tickets Required, this drop will permanently remove 689,425 Moments from NBA Top Shot’s circulating supply, locking up everything exchanged for a Trade Ticket in the Locker Room until someone uses additional Trade Tickets to acquire a Locker Pack.

  • This is the final drop of new Series 3 Moments on NBA Top Shot. 

What’s a Queue Allowlist? 

The Queue Allowlist is a new concept recently introduced to NBA Top Shot pack drops. If you are selected for the Allowlist: 

  1. A guaranteed pack is reserved for you to purchase. You don’t need to join a Priority or General Queue to try and land a spot in line.
  2. You can purchase the pack any time in a 24-hour window using a dedicated Queue.

For this Holo Icon and Metallic Gold LE Trade Ticket Pack Drop, we’ve established a few different criteria and Queue Allowlists with guaranteed packs allocated to each. Any remaining packs not purchased in the 24-hour Allowlist window will be evenly distributed to the PQ and GQ for the pack drop. 

  • 1,100 collectors who have joined the last 5 Legendary pack drops (2022 NBA Finals, The Anthology: Magic Johnson, Holo Icon R2, Holo Icon R1, Deck The Hoops) and were unable to purchase a pack are on the Queue Allowlist.

  • 1,000 collectors from the Europe, Asia Pacific or Oceania regions with a 10,000 or higher Top Shot Score will be randomly selected to be added to the Queue Allowlist.

  • 500 collectors who are members of the Nine Lives Lounge, holding all 30 Cool Cats Moments, will be randomly selected to be on the Queue Allowlist. (Snapshot taken at 4:25pm ET on July 5, 2022)

  • The 228 collectors that have joined three or more Series One Reserve Pack drops and have never purchased a Series One Reserve Pack are on the Queue Allowlist.

  • 185 collectors who hold a complete Holo Icon or Metallic Gold LE set from any Series will be on the Queue Allowlist. (Snapshot taken at 4:25pm ET on July 5, 2022)

The size of the specific Queue Allowlists above are approximations and can slightly vary based on eligible unique users.

In total, 3,000 NBA Top Shot collectors will be on the Queue Allowlist for the Holo MGLE Trade Ticket Pack Drop.

This will be “unique collectors,” meaning that someone can only be on a Queue Allowlist once, and every winner of a spot on the Queue Allowlist will be notified via email on Thursday, July 7. The selected Allowlist collectors have already been identified.

UPDATE (7pm ET on July 6): The Allowlist Winners List can be found here

Each of these lucky members of our community will have a pack reserved for them, purchasable for 60 Trade Tickets any time over the span of a 24 hour window, starting on Wednesday, July 13th, starting at 3pm ET (12pm PT). 

If you are on the Allowlist, you can still join a PQ and/or GQ to purchase an additional pack if you have the required Trade Tickets.

Who’s in the Pack Drop?

Jimmy Butler NBA Top Shot

This drop features 20 new Metallic Gold LE Moments and 7 new Holo Icon Moments, including: 

  • The only Legendary Moments of Series 3 for Zach LaVine, Jarrett Allen, CJ McCollum, Jusuf Nurkic, De’Aaron Fox and Kristaps Porzingis.
  • The first Legendary Moments for CJ McCollum on the New Orleans Pelicans and Kristaps Porzingis on the Washington Wizards.

  • The first Legendary Moments ever for Jarrett Allen and Jusuf Nurkic.

  • The rarest Moments of Series 3 for Obi Toppin, Malcolm Brogdon, Buddy Hield, Al Horford, P.J. Tucker and Jakob Poeltl.

  • Klay Thompson’s first Rare tier Moment ever, and his debut in the Metallic Gold LE set, sporting the Championship Badge.

  • Rookie Cade Cunningham’s first Rare tier Moment ever, and his debut in the Metallic Gold LE set.
Devin Booker NBA Top Shot
Cade Cunningham NBA Top Shot
Jalen Suggs NBA Top Shot
Klay Thompson NBA Top Shot

Participating In This Drop

NBA Top Shot Series 3

Excited to rip open one of these packs? Here are the details you need to know to get ready: 

  • The drop begins at 3pm ET on Thursday, July 14. A Waiting Room will open one hour prior, which you can enter at any time between 2pm and 2:59:59pm ET. At 3pm ET, everyone in the Waiting Room will be randomly put in line in our Queue, which will give collectors their opportunities to purchase a pack.
  • Queues and Packs: A 3pm ET Priority Queue will have 4,535 packs available to anyone with 60 Trade Tickets and a Total Drop Score of 75,000 or higher. A 4pm ET General Queue will have 5,000 packs available to anyone with 60 Trade Tickets and 0 Total Drop Score Requirement.
  • You will need to have 60 Trade Tickets ready in your account when you join the Queue. When it’s your turn to buy a pack, you’ll be given the option to pay using Trade Tickets and only using Trade Tickets. Every time you trade in a Moment for a Trade Ticket, your Top Shot Score and Total Drop Score will decrease.

  • To get Trade Tickets in advance of this, you can send any Moments in your collection to the Locker Room, swapping any one Moment for one Trade Ticket. Moments can be traded-in up to 50 at a time.

  • Collectors can purchase 1 pack per transaction but a collector is able to rejoin the GQ and purchase another pack while supplies last.

  • As this drop is exclusively available for Trade Tickets, in the unexpected case of an error or failure at the point of purchase, collectors will be able to keep all of their Trade Tickets. In a traditional instance where this may happen, collectors who qualify would receive a reservation link to purchase the pack after as a resolution to the issue with our support team. Because of the unique, exclusively Trade Ticket approach to this drop, reservation links are not possible.

Who are the Challenge Rewards? 

Unreleased in this drop, but coming as Challenge Rewards related to these new Moments, include: 

Tyrese Haliburton’s first Legendary Moment as an Indiana Pacer, a beautiful 360 assist.

Tyrese Haliburton NBA Top Shot

Josh Giddey’s first Legendary Moment ever, in a game where he set the NBA record for youngest player ever to record a triple-double.

Josh Giddey NBA Top Shot

Metallic Gold LE Reward Moments capturing outstanding performances and playmaking by Kyrie Irving, Jrue Holiday and Pascal Siakam.

Jrue Holiday NBA Top Shot
Kyrie Irving NBA Top Shot
Pascal Siakam NBA Top Shot

Am I Eligible For An Airdrop? 

Collectors who hold every Moment from the following sets will receive one pack airdropped to them per completed set: Holo MMXX (Series 1), Holo Icon (Series 2), Holo Icon (Series 3). Multiple completed sets of the same set will not qualify for multiple airdrops. A snapshot was taken at 9pm ET on July 5 to determine airdrop eligibility. 

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, July 14 for this first-of-its-kind Trade Ticket pack drop!

This blog post was updated at 7pm ET on July 6, 2022 to add a public link to the 3,000 collectors who won a spot in our Queue Allowlist.

This blog post was updated at 8pm ET on July 6, 2022 to include clarifying details on the 5 Legendary Drops for Allowlist eligibility, along with timing of the Complete Set snapshots for Allowlist eligibility.