Series 1 Reserve Packs — containing some of the first Moments from NBA Top Shot’s first season — are making their return on Friday, July 29. What happens next is a decision we are entrusting our global community with. Here’s a play-by-play of what’s happening and the vote you’ll have the opportunity to make. 

On July 29, 500 packs (and potentially more…details below) will be made available for 350 Trade Tickets, just as they have been for the previous 8 months.  

After that drop, over 22,000 total Series One Moments set aside for these Reserve Packs will remain, all of which we intend on distributing to our community in exchange for Trade Tickets. 

While we’ve previously expressed the intention of continuing the established process of recurring monthly drops of 500 packs for 350 Trade Tickets, we’re exploring an alternative path that we’ve considered internally and have seen recommended by various members of our community.


NBA Top Shot Series 1

We are considering putting all of the remaining Series 1 Moments in Locker Packs. 

Here’s how that would work in practice, what it means and how you can place your vote for the outcome of these special Moments: 

  • Once Release 10 of our Locker Packs, containing Common, Fandom, Rare and Legendary Moments, are completely sold out, we’ll create new Locker Packs that could include these Series 1 Moments, in addition to a mix of Moments from Series 2, Summer '21 and Series 3.
  • For 4 Trade Tickets, you’d have a chance at pulling a Series 1 Moment, and 200,000 total packs will be made available in August’s first wave, available in a similar “all you can eat” on-demand format to our current Locker Packs. 
  • Alternatively, we can hold steady with Series 1 Reserve Packs that are available once per month for 350 Trade Tickets, each of which contains 4 guaranteed Series 1 Moments. 

The voting period to choose the outcome of these Moments, and how you’ll be able to potentially add them to your collection, will begin today and last until Thursday, July 28, 2022 at 9pm ET. The only place to vote is in our #verified-only channel in Discord. The voting options are as follows.


OPTION A: Continue offering 500 Series 1 Reserve Packs with 4 guaranteed Series 1 Moments, once per month, for 350 Trade Tickets.

OPTION B: Begin offering Locker Packs with a chance at pulling a Series 1 Moment, available on-demand and until sold out, for 4 Trade Tickets. 

You can vote here, in the #verified-only channel. Here’s what happens next, based on the winning outcome.


Every month, these packs will be available for 350 Trade Tickets. Things will proceed as they have, and we estimate the remaining supply of Series 1 Moments set aside for Reserve Packs will be fully distributed to our community by the end of 2022. 

Once our existing Locker Packs sell out — the ones with Metallic Gold LE and Holo Icon inside for 4 Trade Tickets — we’ll restock our Locker Packs with existing Common and Fandom Moments that have been sent to the Locker Room by our collectors.


July 29, 2022 will mark the final Series 1 Reserve Pack Drop, featuring at least 500 packs. 

Everyone who is eligible and joins the Queue at the time of randomization will be guaranteed at least one pack.

If fewer than 500 people join the drop, anyone with the required Trade Tickets can rejoin the Queue and purchase another pack for an additional 350 Trade Tickets, receiving a random selection of 4 guaranteed Series 1 Moments for every 350 Trade Tickets they spend, while supplies last.

If more than 500 people join the drop with 350 Trade Tickets at the time of randomization, anyone who falls outside of the Queue will still be given the chance to purchase a pack for 350 Trade Tickets via a special Allowlist drop that will happen within a week of the Reserve Pack drop’s conclusion. 

After that, Series 1 Reserve Moments will be used to build the next wave of new Locker Packs, recreating the excitement you’re all experiencing now with a Series 1 twist. 

These packs will be made available for 4 Trade Tickets, with 3 Moments inside, one of which can be a Common Series 1 Moment.

You’ll be able to buy as many as you’d like, while supplies last. 

So what will you choose? Visit our Discord today to make your voice heard and place your vote for the future of these highly coveted Series 1 Moments.