“3…2…1…and the crowd goes wild!” 

We’ve all spent time shooting hoops in our driveway, park and gym, recreating iconic shots and moments from our favorite NBA players and teams. 

But what if one of the greatest and most celebrated voices in sports broadcasting, and NBA Top Shot’s Voice of the Playoffs, could call your shot? Today, that dream becomes a reality. 

Members of the NBA Top Shot community, welcome to The #DorisBurkeThis Challenge! 

Here’s how it works: 

  • Between Friday, June 17 and Tuesday, June 21, you’re invited to recreate your favorite Moment from the 2021-22 NBA Playoffs and regular season.

  • Pick any Moment from Series 3 and film yourself recreating it to the best of your ability — whether it be on a basketball court, in your driveway or in the garbage can in your office.

  • Upload your Moment recreation to social media using the #DorisBurkeThis hashtag and tag @nbatopshot in your post. Make sure you include a link to the Moment you are recreating, too.

  • The NBA Top Shot team will watch every one of them, and work with Doris to pick her favorites. Then, Doris will record a personalized, original video with her commentary on 5 of the video clips.

  • The NBA Top Shot team will produce your video with Doris Burke’s narration alongside it, and share it with you as a video file you can cherish forever. 

5 fans will win this fun and rare prize (rules here), with Doris Burke treating their play as if it’s an NBA Finals broadcast.

We’re spending time with Doris Burke in the coming days to film her expert narration on select Conference Finals and NBA Finals Moments for the next edition of her “Mic Drop Days,” and while we’re with her in the lab, cooking up some magic, your videos will get the Hey DB treatment, too. 

While these videos won’t be minted as official NFTs on NBA Top Shot, we think you’ll love the end result and look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions over the next few days. Now go out there, shoot some hoops and #DorisBurkeThis! 

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