As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve made some major enhancements to NBA Top Shot in recent weeks.

Starting today, collectors can now “Like” Showcases and flaunt their Moments more interactively than ever before. And there’s no better way to celebrate the new feature than with our inaugural Showcase Contest!

How do I and why should I enter the Showcase Contest, you ask? It’s extremely simple. If you create a Showcase that matches our criteria and rack up likes on it from fellow collectors, you’ll win some epic prizes. 

All you need to do is create a Showcase selecting at least five Moments following the theme: 

The Impressive Moments from the 2019-2020 Season.” 

If you receive 10+ likes on your Showcase on NBA Top Shot AND share the link to your Showcase on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #TopShotShowcase, you’ll win yourself $15 in Dapper balance on us.* That’s $15 to spend on NBA Top Shot however you’d like. It’s the season of giving after all, and we know this’ll be a fun and rewarding event for everyone involved.

How do you create a Showcase, you ask? Great question! Simply go to a Moment in your collection and select the “Add to Showcase” option. 

If you’ve already created a Showcase, the screen will prompt you to either add the Moment to an existing Showcase or add the Moment to a new Showcase. For the sake of this contest, all submissions must be new Showcases. 

Name your Showcase (something appropriate, please), and hit “Create.” 

Go back to your collection and add another Moment by repeating the process.

Rinse and repeat this process until you’ve added at least five Moments to the same Showcase. Needless to say, you’ll only want to create one Showcase for all 5+ of these Moments.

Once the Showcase is created, you’ll have the opportunity to grab the link and share it on Twitter and/or IG. 

Make sure you like your own Showcase as well. This will get it featured on Community Showcases 🔥. 

Don’t have five Moments? No worries. The Marketplace is brimming with epic Moments for low prices. And, as a surprise, check your account. If you’ve bought a pack on NBA Top Shot before, we’ve gifted you some credits to help you get started with this contest. If you haven’t yet purchased a pack, we’re running a short-term one-time promotion that’ll get you $5 in credits for purchasing your first pack within the duration of this contest. 

After two weeks of collecting Showcases, the NBA Top Shot team will pull the 20 most-liked submissions. We’ll then pick our 10 favorites out of those 20 and reward the submitters with an ultra-low serial numbered (#1-10) Early Adopters Moment from one of the rising stars of the NBA playoffs. 

Our selection committee will then whittle down the list to our four favorite submissions. Collectors who curated our four favorite Showcases will each receive a rare Metallic Gold Limited Edition Moment from one of the league’s preeminent superstars. 

We’ll then share the four finalists’ submissions via a Twitter poll and allow the community to vote on the most impressive Showcase from the 2019-2020 season. The collector whose Showcase wins the contest will receive two legendary packs (a $450+ value) from an upcoming drop. 

So, to recap. Leverage your already impressive collection or use the $5 we gifted you to start building an elite Showcase. Rack up 10 likes from other collectors and earn yourself an additional $15 in Dapper balance. 

Get significant likes on your Showcase and win some ultra rare and low-serial numbered Moments. Win the contest and collect all of those winnings PLUS two packs from an upcoming legendary drop. No games. We mean business with this one. 

*Fine print: One contest entry per household. All 10 “likes” must come from collectors who created their accounts on or before 12/17/20. Full rules and regulations here.