While it seems as though NBA Top Shot has already permeated the basketball world, it’s important to remember that we’re all still so early to the game. The collectors and fans that have gravitated to the platform are pioneers and visionaries for whom the best is yet to come. 

Among those collectors and fans, of course, is a community of NBA players who not only pump out the highlights that turn into the Moments we know and love, but collect them, too!

What better way to shine a light on the hoopers that have helped push NBA Top Shot into the mainstream than to feature them as the subjects of our next Showcase Contest.

Between April 12, 2021 at 12 PM PDT and May 4, 2021 at 12 PM PDT, NBA Top Shot collectors will have an opportunity to build out an elite Showcase featuring Moments from Certified Ballers in the community. Elite Showcasers will compete for legendary packs, rare packs, Dapper Credit and even some special Moments from Series 1.

How It Works

To qualify for the Showcase Contest, collectors must put together an NBA Top Shot Showcase that features at least three Moments from NBA players with verified accounts on Top Shot. You can find all of the eligible players’ Moments here

Any and all collectors who create a qualifying Showcase that receives 20 eligible “Likes” from the community on NBA Top Shot and then share their Showcase on Twitter using the hashtag #TopShotShowcase will receive $20 in Dapper Credit at conclusion of the Showcase Contest.

Of course, it gets even juicier than that. The collectors whose Showcases receive the 50-most Likes by early May will receive an Early Adopters pack from Series 1. The collectors whose Showcases receive the 10-most Likes by early May will additionally receive a rare Rising Stars pack from our All-Star Weekend drop last month.

A panel of judges will choose from the top-10 most-liked Showcases to crown three winners of the Showcase Contest. These winners will be determined by a panel of dedicated NBA Top Shot judges, so the components that make up the top-10 Showcases will be just as important as the Likes they receive.

The three victorious collectors will receive a legendary pack from Holo Icon Drop 2.

In order for a collector's Showcase to remain eligible throughout the Showcase Contest, the Showcase must have at least three qualifying Moments through to the end of the contest.

Note: this is a growing list of Certified Ballers and it's subject to change over the course of the contest. No Certified Ballers will be removed, but some may be added.


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