What’s goin’ down.

Sixteen teams enter and only one can win. The players are battling in an *extremely* memorable Playoffs race. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to create the best Showcase you can filled with Moments from a team you think could win the NBA Playoffs. The athletes on these teams are making crazy plays, so let’s look back at their regular season success while we watch them try to move forward to the next round.

Create a Showcase that fits the following criteria to win a prize: 

  • All players from 1 team
  • Team must be in the Playoffs
  • Each Moment must be different

Get creative! Show off your special editions. Get those Legendary Moments lined up or mix and match to show off the breadth of your Collection. 

Need to bolster your Moments from your choice of possibly winning squad? Hit up the Marketplace to snatch up some of those (maybe) future champions. 

Showcase requirements for entry.

Share your submission in #showcase-contest and tell us why you picked those Moments for a chance to be highlighted on Twitter.

The reward. 

We know you’d be happy to just show off your stellar Collection, but we’re going to sweeten the deal anyway. 

The reward for participating in this Showcase contest will be a Moment from a not-yet-released common set. The set is a mystery! But you can be sure it’ll be cool as the other side of the pillow.

By participating, you'll win a random low serial number Moment from that set.


Once the contest closes, the Top Shot team will review your Showcases to make sure you didn’t try to sneak in any funny business. 

Keep your moments in your Showcase contest until confirmation of entry to fulfill eligibility. Showcases will be reviewed within 1 week of the contest conclusion. Showcases that do not meet criteria at the time of review will result in disqualification.