You’ve seen Challenges and you’ve seen Showcase Contests. Today, we’re excited to introduce an experiment that we think will take the best of both worlds and make something even better.

Join the first Showcase Quest! 

Unlike a challenge, the Showcase Quest doesn’t necessitate acquiring any one specific Moment. Instead, you’ll have guidelines and have flexibility in your pursuit. 

The prize for completing the Showcase Quest will be a never-to-be-sold-in-packs Ben Simmons Moment from the Cool Cats set - a necessary piece for the upcoming Cool Cats Master Challenge. Simmons, of course, is one of the most dynamic point guards in NBA history. And the three-time All-Star has the size and thunderous ferocity of a big man supplemented with the elite passing skills of a floor general. As a way to celebrate Simmons’ three All-Star appearances and his dynamic play style, the nine Moments you’ll need to collect for this quest are: 

*You’ll be able to filter by player position in the Marketplace if you have any doubts about whether the Moment in question is eligible to be included.

No single Moment can be used to satisfy multiple requirements and your Showcase must include nine total Moments. 

That’s right -- we’re not telling you which Moments to pursue.

After adding the Moments to your collection, you’ll need to create a Showcase involving the nine Moments by Wednesday, May 19 at 12 PM PDT. In order to qualify, your Showcase must include the hashtag “#Quest” in the Showcase Title. 

We will take a snapshot at that time to determine the accounts that successfully completed the Showcase Quest.

Check your eligibility using this third-party tool:

Some last notes:

  • We’ll mint the Simmons Moment to the Edition Size of the number of collectors who complete the Showcase Quest on time. 
  • Regardless of when or how the quest is completed, all successful eligible collectors will receive a random serial number.
  • You will need to put all nine Moments in a Showcase between now at May 19 at 12 PM PDT. If the Moments are just sitting in your collection, they will not be counted. Again, in order to qualify, your Showcase must include the hashtag “#Quest” in the Showcase Title.  
  • If this experience goes well, we will look into building features like this into the product long term.
  • The Simmons prize will NOT come with a Challenge Reward indicator. As this is a Showcase Quest, it is not technically a Challenge Reward. 

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