Late in the 4th Q of Game 4, the Hawks’ Clint Capela fell out of bounds, heaved a prayer over the backboard … and sank one of the WILDEST shots of the NBA season.

Today, we asked our Community to put together their best Circus shots and show them off in Showcases. 

Just like everybody you’re about to see below -- you came through in the clutch.


Luke Kennard Euros Into The Halfcourt Heave

Base Set (Series 2)

#/12,000 LE

On. Target. Highlighting this Showcase is Luke Kennard side stepping a defender and beating the buzzer with a halfcourt triple. The bank is open. Find this Moment in the Marketplace.

Fred VanVleet Connects From DEEP

Cool Cats Challenge Reward (Series 2)

#/6567 LE

FVV. The Raptors guard corrals the tipped ball from his teammate and throws up a Hail Mary that banks in before the shot clock expires. Find this Moment in the Marketplace.

Kyrie Irving Beats The Buzzer

Base Set (Series 1)

#/3163 LE

Defense to offense. Kyrie Irving picks his opponent's pocket and steps into a long three-pointer to beat the buzzer. Uncle Drew time. Find this Moment in the Marketplace.

Kyle Lowry's Two-Handed 3-Pointer

Base Set (Series 1)

#/1532 LE

How did he do that?! This Showcase is highlighted by a veteran guard that is no stranger to big-time Moments. Kyle Lowry somehow gets the overhand, two-handed heave to drop with the defender in his jersey. Just ridiculous. Find this Moment in the Marketplace.


John Wall's Gymnastics

Base Set (Series 2)

#/40,000+ CC

Highlighting this Showcase is the athleticism of John Wall on display for all to see. This strong take to the rack is no different as he twirls and acrobatically uses his body to contort around the defense for a smooth finish at the rim. Find this Moment in the Marketplace.

Paul George Goes Over The Backboard

Base Set (Series 1)

#/3999 LE

Over the rainbow? Paul George splits the defense and throws up an off-balance, over-the-backboard rainbow that finds the net. What a beauty. Find this Moment in the Marketplace.

Dejounte Murray Hits From (Just Above) The Floor

Base Set (Series 1)

#/3999 LE

Slipping. Falling. Shooting. Bucket. Dejounte Murray made this circus shot look easy. Find the Moment in the Marketplace.

Luka Dončić Off One Leg

2021 NBA Playoffs (Series 2)

#/12,000 LE

Look familiar? Luka goes into his bag of tricks and pulls out a one-legged, off-balance triple that swishes. Magical. Find this Moment in the Marketplace.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Shows Off The Handles

Base Set (Series 1)

#/1359 LE

So smooth, SGA. The young guard shows off the spin move and acrobatically cuts through the defense for a scoop layup in traffic. Find this Moment in the Marketplace.

LaMelo Ball Makes His Mark

Rising Stars (Series 2)

#/2021 LE

Your 2021 NBA Rookie of the Year was no stranger to making the highlight reel each night. This tough finish in traffic is one example as Ball goes airborne and switches hands for the lay-in. Find this Moment in the Marketplace.

Ja Morant Rises Up For The TOUGH 3

Rising Stars (Series 2)

#/2021 LE

This Showcase is headlined by the 2020 NBA Rookie of the Year. Ja Morant effortlessly flings an overhead triple anticipating the foul ... and the ball still finds the bottom of the net. No big deal. Find this Moment in the Marketplace.


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