"The Brook Lopez Game."

With the Bucks searching for answers without Giannis Antetokounmpo, Lopez delivered.

The big man dropped a career playoff high 33 points in Game 5 to put Milwaukee within one win of advancing to the NBA Finals.

To celebrate the big man's career night, we asked the Community to show off their best Showcases of big men doing ... well, big things, on the court.

Without further ado...


Big men moves just showing out. Dunks. Swats. Rinse. Repeat.

Big men doing traditional and non-traditional big men things on the court.

Nikola Jokić. Joel Embiid. Deandre Ayton. Rudy Gobert. Take your pick.

#NBAPlayoffs big men showing out in the postseason.

All love for Brook Lopez. Peep the serial + others.

Household name big men and the under-the-radar bigs that make a big difference.

How about Brook's twin brother, Robin, showing out in this Showcase?

Rock the rim. Protect the paint. Just typical big man things.

Showing off and Seeing Stars.

An epic night from Clint Capela highlights this Showcase.


Brook Lopez was the hero in Game 5.

Who will step up into the spotlight tonight for either team in Game 6?

We polled the Top Shot Community to create a Showcase with one star on either side.

Without further ado...


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