NBA Top Shot gives basketball fans a way to celebrate and own their favorite highlights in NBA history

Each limited edition collectible is a video highlight that is officially licensed and created in partnership with the NBA. 

Here are 5 things you should know about NBA Top Shot as you start your collection. 

  1. Moments: Collectibles on Top Shot are called Moments, and each Moment is a limited edition video highlight. You can find Moments for every NBA team and most NBA players on Top Shot. During each NBA season, the best plays each month are released as new Moments that you can buy, sell, and collect. From time to time, older seasons in the NBA’s history — like 1986-87, 2005-06, and 2013-14, will have Moments released to celebrate previous generations of NBA talent.

  2. Packs: New Moments are distributed in Packs that are available in limited quantities and available for a limited time. You can buy a Pack in the App today. Packs come in different prices and sizes. Each month, new Pack Drops take place that give you the choice to collect new Moments from different players, teams, Sets, and levels of scarcity.

  3. Collecting: Every Top Shot Moment is accompanied by a few key pieces of information that make it unique and special. Rarity is determined by 4 tiers — Common, Fandom, Rare, and Legendary. A Moment’s Edition Size shows how many of that Moment exist, with the Serial Number distinguishing each individual Moment. Sets are collections of Moments based on a specific theme. The “Base Set” is the standard Common Set every season. “Metallic Gold LE” is the standard Rare Set every season. This year, “Top Shot 50” is our premier Legendary Set, reserved for the best players as voted by the National Basketball Players Association and best plays selected by the fans. The best dunks live in “Throwdowns” and game-winning plays live in “For The Win,” and as you dive deeper into Top Shot, you’ll find that everyone has a favorite Set based on their NBA fandom.

  4. Challenges: Challenges are daily and weekly games you can play on Top Shot using your collection to earn Rewards. Based on real-time NBA performances or different collectible requirements, completing a Challenge will reward you with packs, Top Shot Moments, or other great rewards. 
  1. The 2023 Playoffs: As the Playoffs unfold, Top Shot is telling the story of each round. Redemptions are our new Playoffs collectible that give you access to each player’s best Moments. By collecting Redemptions, you’ll be able to redeem them for that player’s Moment at the end of each series, from the First Round to the Finals. To see which Moments you can redeem from the NBA Playoffs right now, visit today.

As your Top Shot collection grows, you’ll unlock access to exclusive pack drops, can win tickets to NBA games, and find yourself more connected to your favorite players than ever before. Happy collecting!