Fast Facts

  • Metallic Silver Fandom Edition, our flagship Fandom tier set for Series 3, will contain Showcase Challenge Rewards and other dynamically minted Moments throughout the year. 
  • Metallic Silver Fandom Edition (MSFE, for short) will have certain Moments with low Edition Sizes, and others with extremely high Edition Sizes.
  • A counterpart to Metallic Gold LE, this Fandom set will debut with the release of Steph Curry’s NBA record-setting performance.

The Fandom tier is here to stay, and we’re celebrating the arrival of our brand new Fandom set for Series 3 with a landmark Moment.

Steph Curry’s NBA record setting 3-pointer is a historic Moment for the ages. In Madison Square Garden, on national television, under the brightest lights, the Baby Faced Assassin made history. 

Collectors can earn this Metallic Silver FE Moment by completing the active Milestone Challenge. Note, this one’s a hard one. Not all of the Moments in this set will be as difficult as this one is to obtain, but it’s also fair to assume that other Moments in this set later in the year will be as difficult (or even more difficult) to obtain. 

You can expect plenty more Flash Challenge Moment rewards coming out of this set in the not too distant future. Keep your eye on Flash Challenges as they get announced, because it’s possible you’ll see another earnable Moment from this set as a Flash Challenge Reward within the next week. 

Until then, happy collecting!