Box Score 

  • Steph Curry’s first Anthology Moment is coming to NBA Top Shot. Minted to just /99, this Legendary collectible from 2015 instantly became one of the most memorable Moments in NBA history. A Moment so remarkable that announcers declared “That might be the greatest move I've ever seen live” when they witnessed it.   
  • To celebrate the arrival of Chef Curry’s spicy first Anthology Moment, Extra Spice Packs are dropping July 25 at 4 PM ET for $13.99 (App Exclusive) or for 14 Trade Tickets (Web Exclusive), with each Moment from the set minted to /2500.

  • Each Extra Spice Pack has 6 Moments, including 2 Extra Spice Moments, with a chance at finding Steph Curry’s first Anthology Moment. 6,500 Trade Ticket Packs (10 The Anthology: Steph Curry Moments inside) and 8,500 App Exclusive Packs (15 The Anthology: Steph Curry Moments inside) will be available.
  • 60 of 99 The Anthology: Steph Curry Legendary Moments will be distributed to members of Steph’s Player Leaderboard, and the snapshot was taken on Friday, July 21, 2023, at 1:10 PM ET. Winners are listed in this blog!
  • The final 14 of 99 The Anthology: Steph Curry Legendary Moments will be hidden inside 7,200 Splash Packs, sold exclusively on the NBA Top Shot App on July 27 at 3 PM ET.
  • Steph Curry is the final active player to have their Anthology introduced in 2023.

Extra Spice: Series 4 

Extra Spice is a Set that celebrates the fun and love of the game, featuring stars and fan favorites. To make it into Extra Spice, the Moment must feature either an extra spicy reaction (like a finger point, an expressive dance, or even an ode to Stromile Swift) or an extra spicy play like a killer crossover or impressive pump fake. 

The Series 4 Extra Spice Set, minted to /2500, will have 12 Moments and 2 Challenge Rewards for a 14 Moment Complete Set.

Here’s a look at the Extra Spice roster and the two Challenge Rewards.

Extra Spicy Reactions from Steph Curry, Joel Embiid, Collin Sexton, Luke Kornet, Nic Claxton, and Cam Payne. Collect and lock all six to complete the Challenge and earn the Luka Doncic Reward. 

Extra Spicy Plays from Damian Lillard, Josh Giddey, Darius Garland, Donovan Mitchell, Alperen Sengun, and Deni Avdija. Collect and lock all six to complete the Challenge and earn the Tyrese Haliburton Reward. 

Steph Curry has been making extra spicy plays for his entire career, inspiring an entire generation of basketball players to fearlessly shoot the three in a way that changed the NBA forever. 

Alongside his Extra Spice: Series 4 Moment, collectors may also find a Legendary Steph Curry Moment, minted to /99, from 2015 — one of the spiciest Moments in his career. 10 have been hidden inside Trade Ticket Packs, with 15 hidden inside App-Exclusive Packs. 

Saving your Trade Tickets for our upcoming Series 1 Trade Ticket Drop? It’s coming on August 8 for 40 Trade Tickets per pack, giving you time to reload your Trade Ticket stash.

The Anthology: Steph Curry

On June 16, 2015, Steph Curry’s Game 6 NBA Finals victory capped off a transcendent NBA season where the young guard became the sixth player in history to win his first NBA MVP and NBA title in the same season. 

The team’s 67 regular season wins set a franchise record (broken the following year) and started a dynasty that would help define an era of the NBA — and it serves as the introduction for Steph Curry’s Anthology on NBA Top Shot. 

It’s a Moment that captures Steph’s incredible handles and shooting, and the jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, extra spicy way he plays the game. 

A play that only seems possible as a cheat code in a video game. Pick and roll, split the D, through the legs, behind the back, dribble back, step back, turnaround three. Splash.

Steph Curry Player Leaderboard

It’s a highlight that feels like a magic trick — and just like that, with a blink and you-miss-it snapshot, the Top 25 collectors at 1:10 PM ET on Friday, July 21, 2023, on Steph Curry’s Player Leaderboard have earned “The Houdini” for their collection. Congratulations to the Top 25, whose Legendary The Anthology: Steph Curry Moment will be delivered on Tuesday, July 25.

  • Cuteknick (1)
  • alxo (2)
  • dingaling (3)
  • greekfreak (4)
  • mbl267 (5)
  • Haku (6)
  • woodenwootten (7)
  • kevinchvn (8)
  • staystacced (9)
  • nc24 (10)
  • dubsDK (11)
  • damochaprince (12)
  • Lakers08x24 (13)
  • steve (14)
  • Libruary (15)
  • Vegeta (16)
  • JackLondonJets (17)
  • Navaguy (18)
  • MrT (19)
  • bob (20)
  • augustus_bach (21)
  • jayaaarrrgh (22)
  • Oriental (23)
  • Cabby (24)
  • unifish (25)

A snapshot of the Top 1,000 members of Steph’s Leaderboard has also been taken, and 35 more editions of this Legendary Moment will be distributed in a weighted draw to those fans and collectors — with each point of Top Shot Score as one entry into the weighted drawing. The 35 winners of the weighted drawing are below (including one of Steph's former teammates).

  • malkymack (26)
  • Waltmester (34)
  • 88crafting (36)
  • vondoe (44)
  • AJOvO (50)
  • gk43 (51)
  • Moizoos (52)
  • bigdog_brothers (53)
  • FRANKEN (56)
  • BergAir (66)
  • cubbieman (68)
  • lakersdynasty999 (69)
  • Shebaz (74)
  • tremendous_wildebeest4032 (81)
  • VikesfanIV (95)
  • xgambitox (113) 
  • Hbarnes (117)
  • Sbreezy (146)
  • Flaz (149)
  • Rubixcube1981 (189)
  • deezer (194)
  • etablo (211)
  • SILVER_925 (227)
  • LHSknights (283)
  • ren (286)
  • ArchdukeAwesomesauce (332)
  • clasher (338)
  • tutuca (347)
  • prince_caspian (363)
  • cuex3drop (388)
  • JeffKCollins (453)
  • sushiBall (561)
  • JWeb (566)
  • Demo6986 (579)
  • zmamba25 (940)

Congratulations to these 35 collectors in Steph's Top 1,000, whose Legendary The Anthology: Steph Curry Moment will be delivered on Tuesday, July 25.

Chasing The Anthology: Splash Packs

There will be 7,200 Splash Packs sold for $8.99 exclusively on the NBA Top Shot App on July 27, at 3 PM ET. Inside each Pack, you'll find 6 Moments, with 5 Moments as a Series 4 Base Set or Parallel, and the 6th Moment as a Spotlight Series, Rare Moment, or The Anthology: Steph Curry Legendary Moment.

There are 14 Legendary Steph Curry Moments and 346 Rare Moments in these Packs. Collectors have a 5% chance at a Rare Moment or Legendary Steph Curry Moment! To prepare for this Drop, download the NBA Top Shot App.

Base Set Moments 

The final 24 Base Set Moments of Series 4 are being introduced starting this July, including Aaron Gordon, Anfernee Simons, Anthony Edwards, Bam Adebayo, Dalen Terry (Rookie), DeMar DeRozan, Devin Booker, Devin Vassell, Franz Wagner, Jae’Sean Tate, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Kyrie Irving, Lauri Markkanen, Luka Doncic, Luke Kennard’s record-setting 3-point bonanza, Maxi Kleber’s game-winning buzzer beater against the Lakers, Mikal Bridges, Pascal Siakam, Peyton Watson (Rookie), Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Simone Fontecchio (Rookie), Tyrese Maxey, and Wendell Carter Jr.

These Base Set Moments and Extra Spice Moments are the final new Common Moments from the 2023 NBA season to be introduced, and the only additional 2023 NBA season Moments coming are Player Leaderboard Rewards.

As July 2023 heats up, we hope you enjoy collecting these Extra Spice Moments and welcoming Steph Curry to The Anthology, alongside Magic Johnson, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant. The greatest Moments in NBA history will continue to be introduced to Top Shot this August, September, and October. 

Editor's Note: this blog was updated at 1 PM ET on Saturday, July 22, 2023, to update that Tyrese Haliburton is one of the two Extra Spice Challenge Rewards, and not Damian Lillard.