Sue Bird is retiring when this WNBA season ends — but she’s got her eyes set on a record-breaking 5th WNBA Championship before she hangs it up for good. WNBA Top Shot is here to help tell her story and celebrate one of the greatest and most inspiring athletes in basketball history.   

So before the Seattle Storm started their Playoffs run towards the WNBA Finals, Sue Bird sat down with WNBA Top Shot to discuss her career and 9 of the players who have inspired her over 19 incredible seasons. 

Sue has made WNBA history more times than we can count. Today she makes WNBA Top Shot history with the first-ever Game Recognize Game set in the W. 

This drop features 9 Rare Moments, curated by Sue Bird, with video narration about each player’s role in her life and career as part of each officially licensed collectible.

Sue Bird WNBA Top Shot Game Recognize Game

Moments from her trail-blazing peers in the WNBA record books: Jennifer Azzi in ‘03, Lauren Jackson in ‘10, Diana Taurasi in ‘14 and Sylvia Fowles in ‘17. 

Sue Bird Game Recognize Game Top Shot
Sue Bird Game Recognize Game Top Shot
Sue Bird Game Recognize Game Top Shot

Moments from her contemporaries and the future of the league: Rhyne Howard and Arike Ogunbowale, from ‘22. 

Sue Bird Game Recognize Game Top Shot

Moments from her teammates and hoops family: Breanna Stewart and Jewell Loyd, from ‘22. 

Sue Bird Game Recognize Game Top Shot

A Moment she’s most proud of in her career — chosen by her, narrated by her, featuring her, from ‘10 — which will be the one and only Challenge Reward Moment from the drop.   

Sue Bird Game Recognize Game Top Shot

As part of this pack drop, $50,000 will be donated by Dapper Labs to a charity selected by Sue — the National Women’s Law Center, in support of gender justice across issues central to the lives of women and girls. 

“Throughout my career in the W, advocating for and empowering women in sports has been my mission,”  said Sue Bird, “I'm thrilled to partner with WNBA Top Shot to help increase the representation of women's sports in the collectibles space. This is monumental for our game and this new generation of players. It's amazing to know that fans will now be able to truly connect to the greatness of the Women in our sport.”

If you’re ready to celebrate Sue Bird’s career and root her on as she chases the history books, this is what you need to know.


  • 2,500 total Game Recognize Game: Sue Bird packs will be available for $74 each. These packs include one guaranteed Rare Game Recognize Game Moment (minted to just 399) — each hand-picked by Sue with her commentary featured over the Moment — and 4 WNBA Base Set Common Moments highlighting the 2022 regular season, ranging in size from 4000 (Rookie Moments) to 8000.

  • The Allowlist will open at 2pm ET on Monday, 9/12. The Priority Queue will open at 3pm ET on Tuesday, 9/13. The General Queue will open at 4pm ET on Tuesday, 9/13.

  • Holders of a full WNBA Series 4 Base Set or a full WNBA Run It Back (2008) Series 4 Set at the time of our snapshot on September 6 at 11am will receive Allowlist access, guaranteeing them one of approximately 1,150 packs and providing a 24-hour window to purchase theirs, starting at 2pm ET on Monday, September 12. The remaining packs will be evenly split between the Priority Queue and General Queue. Collectors with a Top Shot Score of 30,000+ will be eligible for a Priority Queue. All other collectors with 100+ Top Shot Score can go for a pack in the General Queue. 

  • Collectors who owned a complete WNBA Run It Back (Summer 2021) and/or WNBA 2021 (Fandom) Set when the snapshot was taken at 11am ET on September 6 will receive a guaranteed Game Recognize Game: Sue Bird pack airdropped to their account. Collectors can receive up to two airdrops — one per completed Set.

All eyes are on Sue, and if history is any indication, she’ll rise to the occasion. Will you? 

Join WNBA Top Shot today to collect a piece of history, and we’ll see you on Tuesday, September 13.