The top 250 collectors on all 30 NBA Top Shot Team Leaderboards at 12:07 PM ET* on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, have earned Fit Check, a brand new type of Top Shot Moment celebrating NBA jerseys. 

Fit Check is the first-ever Team Reel spanning multiple games, featuring every NBA jersey worn by each NBA team during the 2022-23 season in a Rare highlight Reel collectible. 

This generation of NBA players is known for their style, and as a celebration of NBA jerseys, these Moments have a special visual flare that’s never been done before in Top Shot history — with every team’s Moment getting a unique design treatment.

In what has become a tradition for our Team Leaderboard Rewards, we’ve got a new poster to show you what’s coming to your collection if you made the cut for an Eastern Conference team.

NBA Top Shot Fit Check Eastern Conference 2023

Your Reward

Congratulations! If you placed in the top 250 of any Team Leaderboards at the time of the snapshot (12:07 PM ET), you will receive a unique, officially licensed NBA collectible from the Fit Check Set. 

If you ranked specifically in the Top 10 (Diced), next 25 (Coded), or next 50 (Bit) spots on a Team Leaderboard, you’ll receive a special Parallel sub-edition of these Rare Fit Check Moments.

These new Diced /10 Fit Check Parallels will be the most limited edition Moments to date in Top Shot history! 

Eligible Collectors

A full list of the top 250 confirmed collectors on each Team Leaderboard, along with the collectors who earned Diced, Coded, and Bit Parallel sub-editions can be found here.

Your Moment

Fit Check are new Rare tier Team Moments that feature a highlight Reel showcasing multiple plays from multiple games of your team making it happen in their team’s signature looks and freshest fashion. 

Leaderboard spots 1-10 will receive a DICED Fit Check Team Moment with a randomized Serial number between 1-10.

Leaderboard spots 11-35 will receive a CODED Fit Check Team Moment with a randomized Serial number between 1-25.

Leaderboard spots 36-85 will receive a BIT Fit Check Team Moment with a randomized Serial number between 1-50.

Leaderboard spots 86-250 will receive a Fit Check Team Moment with a randomized Serial number between 1-165.

Reward Delivery

Fit Check Moments will be delivered to eligible Top Shot collectors in two phases, starting with all 15 Eastern Conference Team Moments being delivered to eligible collectors in the coming days.

The 15 Western Conference Team Moments will be delivered to eligible collectors in May 2023. 

As the first multi-game Reels ever, each Fit Check Moment represents our most ambitious and innovative approach to what a Top Shot collectible can be. This scope of this Set is unprecedented, and we are working to ensure each Western Conference Team Moment lives up to the standard we've set with their Eastern Conference peers, and is something our collectors will love.

Keep your eyes on the prize, because this summer, the Top 50 collectors on each Team Leaderboard will receive the first Legendary Team Leaderboard Rewards, minted to just 50, that commemorates the best highlights of each team’s season.

This will be a blind snapshot in May or June, with the distribution of these Rewards shortly after the snapshot, and Rare and Legendary Player Leaderboard Rewards for 28 players are fast approaching.

*This blog has been updated to reflect the actual time the snapshot was taken (12:07 PM ET on Tuesday, March 28, 2023).