Debuting the Archive Set with Run It Back 2013-14 Utility

In conjunction with the debut of the first ever historical Common Moments coming in the Archive Set, we are providing a one-time airdrop to Run It Back 2013-14 Moment owners. We would like to stress this is a one-time perk for those who took a leap of faith into historical Moments before we outlined what types of historical Moments, including a more accessible tier, were coming down the line.  

For each Run It Back 2013-14 Moment owned at the time of the snapshot at 9am PDT on Friday, October 8, every collector will be airdropped one Archive Set pack. While important to recognize that these are packs that could otherwise be purchased through a Common drop, there is some context that is also important. Due to the small mint counts of the 2013-14 Run It Back Moments, there are relatively few packs being released in this airdrop. Altogether, the Moments in these packs will only represent ~3% of the Archive Set Moments released in the Summer 2021 set.  

For everyone else there will be several great ways to get your hands on these Moments:

  1. The Archive Set Moments will be included as Common Moments in the Run It Back packs. 
  2. They will also be available through Rebound packs in the General Queue of the Run It Back 2005-06 Drop 
  3. A standalone the Archive Set pack drop is expected to come by early November. 
  4. Lastly, as always, the Moments will be available in the Marketplace so long as you can find Collectors willing to part with their pulls!  

To those of you getting rewarded through this airdrop, we say thank you for your continued faith and support in NBA Top Shot. And to the rest of the community, we wish you luck in the drops to come and happy hunting in the Marketplace. This airdrop is scheduled to happen on Friday, October 15.

NOTE: The airdrop in this blog is only for the NBA 2013-14 Run It Back Moments from Series 1.