Fast Facts:

  • On Thursday, October 28th, we’ll be dropping new Common Archive Set packs for $19
  • Featuring new historical Moment™ collectibles, these packs will feature the first Common Moments from select stars from 2005-06 and 2013-14
  • The General Queue starts at 1pm PDT, with 30 Collector Score points required to enter the queue. The Priority Queue starts at 11am PDT, with 3,000 Collector Score points (including bonus) required to enter the queue. 

Announcing the Archive Set - Drop 2

The Archive Set is special. Filled with historical Moments from all-time greats, these packs -- as Commons -- are designed with accessibility in mind. We want all collectors to have the chance to obtain the historical players and Moments that mean the most to them, and this drop will give everyone a chance to add some NBA history to their collections. 

With the second release of the Archive Set, we’re adding more electric Common Moments from Dirk Nowitzki, Shaquille O'Neal, Tracy McGrady, Tim Duncan, Ray Allen and Vince Carter, among others. 

Drop Details

We’ll be dropping north of 100,000 packs over two queues. Each pack will cost $19. 

Priority Queue, with 90,000 packs, will begin at 11am PDT. These packs will require a minimum Collector Score of 3,000 points, including drop bonuses. What will be unique for this queue is collectors who qualify will have the opportunity to purchase up to 3 Archive Set packs. Purchase must be done in one transaction.

The General Queue, with all remaining packs, will begin at 1pm PDT with a minimum Collector Score requirement of 30 points to get into the queue. Collectors in this queue will only have the opportunity to purchase 1 pack. 

New to Top Shot and don’t have any Moments yet?

Getting into this drop couldn’t be easier. Simply sign-up and purchase your Starter Pack today. As long as you hold three Moments from your Starter Pack in your collection at the time of the drop, you’ll give yourself a chance at an Archive Set pack. 



Mario Chalmers - Top Shot Debut
Chauncey Billups
Dirk Nowitzki
Jason Kidd
Josh Smith
Kenyon Martin - Top Shot Debut
Lou Williams
Luke Walton - Top Shot Debut
Marcus Camby - Top Shot Debut
Michael Finley - Top Shot Debut
Rajon Rondo - First Celtics Moment
Ray Allen
Richard Hamilton
Rudy Gobert - Rookie Year
Shaquille O'Neal
Stephon Marbury
Steve Francis - Top Shot Debut
Tim Duncan
Tracy McGrady
Udonis Haslem
Vince Carter
Wally Szczerbiak - Top Shot Debut

*All of the players from "The Archive Set - Drop 1" will also be featured in Drop 2.


Name: Archive Set - Drop 2

Tier: Common

Series: Summer 2021

Set name: Archive Set

Edition Size: 10K-20K for every Moment in the set.

Pack price: $19

Moments per pack: 3

Drop Time: 

  • General Queue: 1pm PDT
  • Priority Queue: 11am PDT

Queue Requirements: 

  • 30 CS for General Queue
  • 3,000 CS, with drop bonus, for Priority Queue
  • Collector Score drop bonus of 1 point for every $1 spent in the Marketplace on Moments you still own (cap of 5,000 points) and 100 points for owning 3 Moments from your favorite team.

Number of Packs: 

  • Priority Queue: 90,000
  • General Queue: All remaining packs
  • Total packs: 128,750 in the drop (an additional 14,325 reserved for customer service, promotions, and future distribution.)