With NBA Top Shot, the best sports collectible in the world is complemented by the very best community in sports. 

This season we are continuing to lean into the emotions and the connections of being a basketball fan every single week.  

Let’s dive in.


Team Captains have led 30 Fan Communities around all 30 NBA teams since mid-2022, bringing together like-minded collectors through giveaways, watch parties, meet-ups, and more. This season, these communities are back in a big way. 

Effective immediately, we are aligning incentives between our collectors and their favorite team’s communities more directly than ever. 

For every Moment purchased in the Marketplace, 10% of the seller’s fee will go directly to the corresponding team community’s budget for promotions. There will be no added fees to the buying or selling experience. The only difference is now a portion of the existing fee will directly contribute to the corresponding team community’s ability to engage their fans around the world.

In other words, every time you purchase a Moment from your favorite team, you’ll not only end up with an awesome new addition to your collection, you’ll also be helping fund your favorite team’s community on Top Shot. 

Learn more about the program and all the benefits team communities can provide over here. 


As the premier set community on NBA Top Shot, the Nine Lives Lounge will continue to receive regular support throughout the regular season. Collectors can join the Nine Lives Lounge by completing the Cool Cats Set from Series 2. Learn more about the Set and Nine Live Lounge community here.


To better serve the best community in sports, NBA Top Shot is making steady progress to one of the biggest product upgrades to date: the mobile Marketplace. Coming later this season, all collectors will be able to shop directly in the app using their account’s balance. 

That’s right, the app is soon going to add one of the most important features to the Top Shot experience, and collectors will be able to seamlessly browse and shop Moments in the Marketplace like never before. 

The app is a huge opportunity for Top Shot to continue to improve the experience for our community. No matter where you are, whether it’s at your child’s basketball practice or at your favorite arena, you will no longer need to navigate Top Shot through a mobile web browser. We look forward to continuing to prioritize and optimize the mobile experience as the primary Top Shot experience going forward.