Over the course of his 20 years in the NBA, LeBron James has developed a variety of signature moves, but on the defensive end of the game, none hold a candle to the chasedown block.

In a long line of chasedown blocks, only one is THE BLOCK — the play that brought the Cleveland Cavaliers their first NBA championship, secured a Game 7 NBA Finals win against the Golden State Warriors, and is coming this June to NBA Top Shot as the next Moment in the LeBron James Anthology Collection.

Only 23 Legendary Moments of “The Block” will ever exist — continuing The Anthology for one of the greatest players of all time — and bringing the defining play of the 2016 NBA Finals, and a generation, to collectors. Watch it here.

Read the story of this Moment here, and see how you can make it part of your collection below.

  • 10 of the The Block Moments can be earned on The Block Leaderboard, going live after Game 4 of the NBA Finals on June 9, and ending at 8pm ET on Monday, June 12.
  • Right now, the NBA Finals in Miami (Games 3 and 4) Leaderboard is live, where the #1 and #2 collectors on the Leaderboard when it ends at the end of Game 4 will earn The Block, along with other prizes for the Top 100. Check out the Leaderboard here.
  • When Game 5 starts, an additional Leaderboard will go live, and end when an NBA champion is crowned, where the #1 and #2 collectors on the Leaderboard when it ends will earn The Block, along with other prizes. Learn about that Leaderboard here.
  • Two collectors have already earned The Block based on their #1 and #2 rank on the NBA Finals in Denver (Games 1 and 2) Leaderboard, which ended on Sunday night. See the Leaderboard results here.
  • On June 1, 2023, the #1 collector on the LeBron James Player Leaderboard, MBL267,  and the #1 collector on the Cleveland Cavaliers Team Leaderboard, alxo, at the time of the Snapshot (11am ET on June 1, 2023) earned a free Airdrop of this Moment, delivered after the conclusion of the 2023 NBA Finals! Congrats to these two collectors. Additionally, a weighted draw of the top 1,000 collectors on the LeBron James Player Leaderboard and Cleveland Cavaliers Team Leaderboard took place on June 1, with the results revealed following the conclusion of the 2023 NBA Finals, based on the Leaderboard and Top Shot Score from the Snapshot at 11am ET on June 1, 2023.
  • The remaining 3 The Block Moments will be hidden inside Legendary NBA Finals Packs (2) and Hustle & Show Packs (1), available later this June once the NBA Finals ends.

As one of the most iconic plays in NBA and NBA Finals history, we are proud to bring this extremely limited edition Legendary tier collectible to NBA Top Shot, and give you a first look of what's coming today.

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