The new NBA season is right around the corner and Run It Back 2005-06 is top of mind for the entire community. Let the good times roll with a special Fandom Moment™ collectible from Dwyane Wade.


  • Starting Monday, a Dwyane Wade Fandom Moment™ Collectible will be available for pre-order. The epic finish from the 2005-06 season will help level-up any collection.
  • These Moments will sell for $9 per pack.
  • These Dwyane Wade Fandom Moment™Collectibles will be delivered to collectors who purchase the single-collectible packs starting on October 29th, 2021. New collectors will also receive a free Dwyane Wade Fandom Moment™Collectible with the purchase of a Starter Pack between Monday, October 18th and Wednesday, October 27th. 

The Flash Helps Define Fandom on NBA Top Shot

2005-06 was the year Dwyane Wade took the leap from star to superstar, and this acrobatic 180-spinning alley-oop finish shows signature Flash at the peak of his powers. Starting on Monday, collectors will be able to own history like never before. 


This Dwyane Wade Moment is designed for every collector on Top Shot to enjoy. 

For new collectors, we are offering the opportunity to add this collectible to your collection for free after the purchase of your Starter Pack between October 18th at 12pm PDT and October 27th at 5pm PDT.

For already-active collectors in the community, we want to ensure you also have an opportunity to get in on the action. Collectors can purchase up to 3 of these collectibles for $9 each during the sales window from October 18th at 12pm PDT and October 27th at 5pm PDT. These are the very first Moments from the brand-new Vintage Vibes set, featuring Fandom historical Moments. 

If this epic Fandom Moment™Collectible wasn’t enough, every collector who holds at least one of them in their collection through November 1st, 2021 will be entered into a giveaway for the chance at some epic Dwyane Wade merch.

Fandom tier Moment™Collectibles are special because the mint size is determined by dynamic demand. With making this Moment accessible to all, we anticipate this Moment to be in hot pursuit, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce it to Top Shot. 


Q: I want to buy 3 of these Dwyane Wade Fandom Moments. Do I need to purchase them all at the same time?

A: Yes! There is no opportunity to go back to the pre-order page and order more. During your transaction, be sure to purchase as many as you would like, up to 3, in that one transaction.

Q: When and how will the Dwyane Wade Fandom packs be delivered?

A: Dwyane Wade’s Fandom packs will be delivered starting on October 29th, 2021. Be sure to check your collection’s packs page once delivery has concluded. 

Q: What is in the Dwyane Wade Fandom pack?

A: Each pack contains one Dwyane Wade Fandom Moment™Collectible with a unique serial number. Time of purchase will not affect the serial number, as they will be delivered at random.

Q: If I have more than (1) Dwyane Wade Fandom Moment in my collection by November 1st will I receive multiple entries into the merch giveaway?

A: No. Only 1 Dwyane Wade Fandom Moment is needed to be entered and only 1 Moment will be counted. Multiple Dwyane Wade Fandom collectibles in your account will not give additional entries. 

Q: If I leave my pack(s) unopened, will I still be eligible for the giveaway*?

A: No, you must open at least one Dwyane Wade Fandom pack and hold the Moment in your collection in order to be eligible.

Q: If I pre-order 3 collectibles, will I get three different plays?

A: No, by pre-ordering 3 collectibles, you will get three Moments from the same play, all with unique serial numbers.


Winner's list is presented in the order they were drawn.

Dwyane Wade signed jersey (20 winners)

  • demanding_duck7454    
  • Bkmyway    
  • knowing_tetra7237    
  • suppapan  
  • HabibtiGiveMeKiss    
  • bwentman    
  • tommyh723    
  • smnichols12  
  • better_leopard77    
  • Kaansan12    
  • DR_KAN    
  • hollenbeezy    
  • bromy13  
  • IfAllEllisFails    
  • MelodicTumbler14    
  • ilksengullll    
  • biodegradable_monkey244    
  • simmsimmah    
  • justmf13    
  • dHodik

Dwyane Wade signed poster (5 winners)

  • jbalkwill    
  • B__Mar    
  • Frosty_Astronaut    
  • Decky    
  • williamhickie

*Winners will be receiving an email shortly with further instructions on how to claim your prize.

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