Fast Facts:

  • The final Trade Ticket Stress Test will take place on Tuesday, November 2 at 11am PDT.
  • The opportunity to trade-in Moments for tickets to partake in this Stress Test will close at 9am PDT on Monday, November 1st.
  • Locker Packs will be sold on Tuesday at 11am PDT for 3 Trade Tickets per pack.

Our final Trade Ticket Stress Test, offering the limited-time promotion of 3 tickets for a Locker Pack, will happen on Tuesday, November 2 at 11am PDT. 

This test will bring us one step closer to Phase 3 of our Trade Ticket launch, in which we’ll be selling Series 1 Reserve packs in exchange for Trade Tickets (exact number to be determined at a later date, but we’ve committed that number to be between 300 and 500 tickets.)  

The queue for these Locker Packs will remain open until 11am PDT on Wednesday, November 3. In order to be able to enter this queue to purchase a Locker Pack, you’ll need to have 3 Trade Tickets in your collection by Monday at 9am PDT. 

As a reminder, these Locker Packs will contain 3 Series 2 Base Set Moments, and will cost 3 Trade Tickets each. Collectors will be limited to one pack in this test. 

Following a successful test, we will re-open the window to trade-in Moments as we prepare for the release of S1 Reserve packs before the end of the year. In addition, Locker Packs will cost 4 Trade Tickets following this test and will continue to contain 3 Base Set Moments. 

To be sure, we still recommend waiting until after our first Series 3 Base Set pack drops in November before trading in your Moments for tickets. We expect this new supply (worth 2 Collector Score points and Edition Sizes of 60K to start) to be more ripe for trade-ins.