Fast Facts:

  • The first Base Set drop of Series 3 hits Thursday, November 4th with a subsequent Base Set drop scheduled for next week
  • These packs contain 3 Moment™ Collectibles from the first weeks of the NBA season
  • These packs are headlined by Top Shot Debuts from select star rookies
  • There will only be one queue starting at 11am PDT
  • Collectors can purchase up to 10 packs in this drop, while supplies last

The first packs from Series 3 are dropping on Thursday, November 4, and we’re stuffing these packs with Top Shot Debut Moment™ Collectibles from some of the league’s most exciting rookies like Evan Mobley, Jalen Suggs and Davion Mitchell.

And with all Moments from these rookies numbered to just 4,000 in circulation, these $9 packs give everyone the chance to start their Series 3 Base Set with some highly coveted collectibles.

We’re also doing something different for Base Set packs for Series 3. This will be your first opportunity to purchase up to 10 packs during the drop. You heard that right. 10. We do want to make clear that the 10 pack purchase limit is precisely that: a limit. While supplies last, collectors can purchase any number of packs between 1 and 10. 

As we stated in the Series 3 road map, we’re looking to make Base Set drops an on-demand purchasing experience this year. Knowing this is the first chance at Series 3 Moments, we recognize that not all collectors will have an opportunity to buy a pack this week, depending on how many collectors show up for the queue. Not to worry: we’ll have another large Base Set drop on Friday, November 12th, and several more in short order afterward.

Base Set packs will continue to be minted throughout Series 3 based on the community’s appetite for them. This may mean far more Base Set packs than we’ve previously seen. This is by design, as it gives all of our collectors the opportunity to rip packs consistently, with major hits like 3-Star Rookie Moments (numbered to 4K) and Moments from superstars (numbered to 9,999) seeded in these packs throughout the year. While this is a paradigm shift in which collectors will be able to buy Base Set packs regularly, we want to remind collectors to collect what they love. Many in our community love the thrill and excitement of opening a pack, and these packs are designed for those collectors in mind.

For more information about our Series 3 Base Set strategy, read this thread from NBA Top Shot co-creator Alan Falcon.  

Series 3 Base Set, Release 1 Pack Facts: 

Packs: 200,000

Price: $9 

Number of Moments per pack: 3

Edition Size of Moments in packs: Variable, with some editions as scarce as 4,000 LE and some editions as large as 60,000 CC+. 

Drop Time: 11am PDT on Thursday, November 4 

Number of queues: 1