And to celebrate an incredible rookie class, featuring several can’t-miss stars, we’re offering collectors two different Pack offerings to get in on the action and latch onto a rookie’s bandwagon early. 

After months of hype, excitement, and speculation, the time has finally come. Bring on the rookies! 

Let’s dive right in: 





  • a performer or act that is the star attraction..

Early in this NBA season, it’s become clear there are six distinct headliners in this rookie class. Six can’t-miss prospects, each with a reasonable claim to being worthy of the number one overall pick in a typical draft class.

To capture the unique depth and special talents at the top of this rookie class, we’ll be offering collectors Rookie Debut: Headliner Packs.

Each of these $79 Packs will be loaded with a guaranteed Rookie Debut Moment from one of the following headliners, including:

  • Victor Wembanyama’s first career bucket on a silky smooth three-pointer.
  • Chet Holmgren hitting his first shot with an impressive baseline turnaround jumper  
  • Brandon Miller with an audacious fourth-quarter stepback three-pointer in his first game
  • Scoot Henderson sinking a tough floater to record the first basket of his career
  • Amen Thompson showing glimpses of the future with an impressive burst and dunk at the rim
  • Ausar Thompson rejecting all shots in his periphery with emphatic disdain

There’s an opportunity to reserve a Pack right now with 6,000 Packs available to all collectors with a Top Shot Score of 25,000 or higher. This reservation window will close on Tuesday, November 7th at 1 PM ET.

After the reservation, we’ll have 4,890 additional Packs available across Web & App (2,445 on each) on November 7th at 3 PM ET with a live Queue.

These Packs will offer the single best chance (16%) for collectors to pull a Victor Wembanyama Moment all season, and offer the same chance for all six headline rookies.


Beyond the $79 offering that comes with a guaranteed headliner in each Pack, we’ll also be offering $9 Headliner Rips.

Each $9 Headliner Rip will contain 5 Moments, consisting of Base Set Moments and a 10% chance of pulling a Rookie Debut from one of the six headliners. 

In-App: 8,975 Packs

Web: 8,975 Packs


Continuing one of the successes from the NBA off-season, we will be offering collectors the opportunity to claim these headliners’ Rookie Debut Moments and Packs via Burn Leaderboards. 

Among players who made an All-Rookie 1st or 2nd team, collectors may use any Common, Rare, or Legendary with a Rookie Year badge for these Burn Leaderboards.

The Rookie Debut Crate Leaderboard: 5 Unique Crates featuring Wemby, Chet, Miller, Scoot, Amen, and Ausar:

Five collectors will earn special crates, guaranteeing Moments from all six headliner Rookies:

Leaderboard Starts: Thursday, November 2 at 7:30 PM ET
Leaderboard Ends: Monday, November 6 at 2 PM ET

60 Rookie Debut: Headliners Packs Up for Grabs

60 collectors will be able to earn a Rookie Debut: Headliners Pack, guaranteeing their claim to one of the six headliner Rookies before the drop even starts:

Leaderboard Starts: November 6 at 1pm
Leaderboard Ends: November 7 at 2pm

Team Leaderboards Snapshot Taken on November 2nd at 5 PM ET:

The 5 winners on the San Antonio Spurs Leaderboard who'll receive Victor Wembanyama Rookie Debuts:

dingaling - 1st

jcoleman - 60th

GeDubs - 262nd

Ewing33NY - 292nd

self_reliant_green - 1381st

The 5 winners on the Oklahoma City Thunder Leaderboard who'll receive Chet Holmgren Rookie Debuts:


ElNidoCatSanctuary - 89th

Wheel - 93rd

Heiswarmingup - 158th

woollytrunkdunk13 - 205th

The 5 winners on the Charlotte Hornets Leaderboard who'll receive Brandon Miller Rookie Debuts:

jayaaarrrgh - 9th

selanne8kariya9 - 185th

clasher - 239th

Rocket - 829th

MiguelParente - 992nd

The 5 winners on the Portland Trail Blazers Leaderboard who'll receive Scoot Henderson Rookie Debuts:

sparse_mango3658 - 22nd

Waltmester - 94th

MCHJR1988 - 356th

kujio - 975th

ChasingCheese4life - 1157th

The 5 winners on the Houston Rockets Leaderboard who'll receive Amen Thompson Rookie Debuts:

SYHC - 95th

JustinHerzig - 347th

SwiftKill - 690th

Crypto_Cow - 1270th

Heatking - 2967th

The 5 winners on the Detroit Pistons Leaderboard who'll receive Ausar Thompson Rookie Debuts:

joat - 112th

gk43 - 122nd

hoshko - 487th

FingerRoll - 722nd

andrewsaladino - 727th

The winners for this airdrop were determined on a weighted basis, using Top Shot Score.


Collectors who lock the Series 4 Rookie Debut Set by Monday, November 6th at 5 PM ET will earn an exclusive Set Reward Pack. This Reward will be a Pack featuring one guaranteed Rookie Debut from a lottery pick (all eligible lottery picks will be evenly distributed), and 4 other Base Set Moments. These Packs will be airdropped to qualified collectors before the end of November, and collectors can lock up to two Rookie Debut Sets to earn two of these exclusive Set Reward Packs each.


500 Rookie Debut: Headliners Packs will be set aside and made available exclusively for new collectors to purchase over the coming weeks. The best rookies’ Moments make for the best collectibles on NBA Top Shot.