NBA Top Shot brings die-hard basketball fans from around the world together. And when those die-hard fans become die-hard collectors, we’re able to reward these collectors with unique experiences and exclusive opportunities. 

For nearly 3,000 of our most passionate collectors, that promise gets fulfilled today with the highly anticipated launch of the Nine Lives Lounge.

We have said before, but if you are new here, the Nine Lives Lounge will be an exclusive club within the Top Shot community, supported by a private Discord channel exclusively accessible to collectors that hold all 30 Cool Cats Moments.

We’re setting out to create the standard for digital membership, and the Nine Lives Lounge will be a can’t miss place to be for NBA die-hards far and wide.

To celebrate the launch of this channel, we’re sending 3 packs to every collector that, as of 5pm PDT on August 5th, held the entire set of Cool Cats Moments in their collections. These packs include a Seeing Stars, Cool Cats, and a Base Set pack. The 3 packs will arrive in their collections and will be just the appetizer to a full course menu of exciting things in store.

But wait - that’s not all. As our CEO Roham Gharegozlou said - the Nine Lives Lounge is the coolest membership ticket in digital basketball fandom. To celebrate that, we have put together a host of events. For anyone that has entry into the Lounge, here’s what you can expect:

  • An exclusive conversation with an NBA star.
  • An open discussion with Tristan Rattink, NBA Top Shot’s new GM, to chat about strategy.
  • The first community chat with Dave Feldman, the SVP of Marketing at Dapper Labs, for a chance to pick his brain and share ideas with the man behind the marketing engine of NBA Top Shot.
  • A Q & A with Roham Gharegozlou, the CEO of Dapper Labs. Presenting an opportunity to talk about the future of Dapper Labs and Top Shot, straight from the boss himself.
  • A private NLL support channel, with direct communication to the NBA Top Shot community team, providing one on one help for all NLL members. 

Every single weekday until the next season starts (October 19th), we will raffle an NBA Jersey to lucky Cool Cat holders, including several signed by your favorite players!

All of the above will be only accessible* for those collectors in the Nine Lives Lounge on Discord. Meaning if you want to take part, you need to hold all 30 Cool Cats Moments.

But wait, there’s more. For those collectors that continue to hold on to their membership, here’s what they can look forward to:

  • Exclusive NBA Top Shot merchandise exclusively available to the NLL. Represent the club you’re in like never before. And, of course, it will be free for all members.
  • A unique, one of a kind, Infinite Objects piece delivered straight to your door**. See your Moments come to life like never before.

Plenty of giveaways, special guests, appearances, and more.

We’re also excited to formally announce that members of the NLL will have a very unique opportunity. 

This group of collectors will be considered for early access to a variety of future projects from Dapper Labs. We won’t be sharing any more information on this for now - you’ll need to be holding all of the Cool Cat Moments to hear the rest!

If you already own the 30 Cool Cats Moments, the next step you need to take is to make sure you’re in the official NBA Top Shot Discord server. Once you’re in there, reach out to an NBA Top Shot Community Rep to get help joining the exclusive community. 

If you don’t currently own the 30 Cool Cats Moments, you can gain access to the large amount of perks listed above by completing the set and joining the Nine Lives Lounge.

Find those Moments in the Marketplace here >>>

*Conversations with Dapper staff and special guests may be recorded to be shared with the wider community.

**The Infinite Objects will be sent to collectors that were holding the Cool Cats as of a snapshot on July 19.