• On Monday, February 14, new Series 3 Moments from the 2021-22 NBA season will be welcomed to NBA Top Shot.

  • This pack drop will feature 12 new Base Set Common Moments, 9 new Metallic Gold LE Rare Moments, 6 new Holo Icon Legendary Moments and the first 7 Rising Stars Common Moments of Series 3. 

  • These Standard ($19) and Elite ($49) Packs are the first of three pack drops taking place this February that will be focused on the past and present of NBA All-Star Weekend. 

  • The Edition Size for the sets included in this week’s new Standard and Elite All-Star Packs are 99 for Holo Icon (Legendary), 749 for Metallic Gold LE (Rare), 17,500 for Rising Stars (Common), and 4,000 - 60,000+ for Base Set (Common).

  • 22,250 Elite All-Star Packs and 175,000 Standard All-Star Packs will be available, with our Elite Packs dropping at 10am PST and Standard Packs at 12pm PST. Collector Score will unlock the ability to purchase more than one pack per transaction, and anyone can rejoin the Queue to purchase more, while supplies last.


All-Star Weekend is a time-honored tradition for the NBA. This year marks the 71st All-Star Game, during the NBA’s 75th season. From February 18-20, Cleveland, Ohio will become a destination for the league’s past, present and future.

For NBA Top Shot, the month of February represents an opportunity for us all to celebrate the league’s Rising Stars, All-Stars and legends of yesteryear. 

On Monday, February 14, our first All-Star Weekend themed packs will drop, featuring the game’s top rookies and sophomores in the return of our Rising Stars set, this year as a Common set.   

The Series 3 Rising Stars set features 24 players, and the first 7 are dropping in these new Standard ($19) and Elite ($49) Packs.

These Common Limited Edition Rising Stars Moments, including Franz Wagner and Tyrese Maxey, will be available in packs that could also include new Legendary Trae Young and Evan Mobley Moments from our Holo Icon Set, a Rare Jimmy Butler Metallic Gold LE Moment, a Common Limited Edition Austin Reaves Top Shot Rookie Debut from his first basket in the NBA, and a Common Moment from Joel Embiid’s record-setting 50-point-game.   

The remaining 17 Rising Stars players, and the new Moments that exemplify why they’ve been recognized by the NBA with this honor will be released in future pack drops and challenges this February. 

Future pack drops in February’s All-Star Celebration will also include Rare Limited Edition Moments from the highlights of this year’s All-Star Game and Legendary Moments from a historical NBA All-Star year that we think you’ll love. 

Beyond these exciting new packs and the carefully curated Moments within them, we have other plans in store for All-Star Weekend that you’ll learn more about and see very soon.


The $19 Standard Packs at 12pm PST will have 1 General Queue with zero Collector Score requirement to purchase a pack. The $49 Elite Packs at 10am PST will have 1 General Queue with a 9,500 Collector Score requirement to purchase one pack. 

Members of our community who have built their Collector Score up will be able to purchase more packs per transaction (as detailed below) and everyone can rejoin the Queue after making their first purchase to make an additional purchase, while supplies last. 

This pack drop included a Collector Score drop bonus of 1 point/$1 spent (uncapped) on Moments currently owned + a 100-point Favorite Team Bonus.

Standard All-Star Pack Collector Score Requirements

  • 0 or higher: 2 packs per transaction
  • 1,000 or higher: 3 packs per transaction 
  • 3,000 or higher: 4 packs per transaction
  • 5,000 or higher: 5 packs per transaction 

Elite All-Star Pack Collector Score Requirements

  • 9,500 or higher: 1 pack per transaction
  • 22,500 or higher: 2 packs per transaction 
  • 45,000 or higher: 3 packs per transaction 
  • 90,000 or higher: 4 packs per transaction 

Standard All-Star Pack Air Drops: Members of the NBA Top Shot community with a complete Base Set (S1), Base Set (S2), Seeing Stars (S2) or The Gift (S2) set will receive an airdrop of 1 Standard All-Star Pack per complete set. 

Elite All-Star Pack Air Drops: Members of the NBA Top Shot community with a complete Holo MMXX (S1) or Holo Icon (S2) set will receive an airdrop of 3 Elite All-Star Packs per complete set. Holders of complete MGLE (S1), MGLE (S2), Rising Stars (S2) or 2021 All-Star Game (S2) will receive an airdrop of 1 Elite All-Star Pack per complete set. 

The snapshot for these airdrops was conducted at 10am PST on Tuesday, February 8, 2022. 

Additional details about each pack drop can be found on the Standard and Elite Pack Pages, and the Pack Contents Sheets and Moment Reveal video will be available soon. 

We look forward to seeing you on Monday, February 14, for the first drop in our month-long All-Star Weekend celebration.