Give Isaac Okoro an inch of daylight in the lane and he’ll slam it on your head. 

The top-5 pick from the 2020 NBA Draft showed promising flashes for an upstart Cavaliers team last season, displaying his tireless motor and unparalleled athleticism. 

And now, you can earn one of his eye-popping Moments from Summer League with a brand-new NBA Top Shot Quest that celebrates the 20-year-old’s impressive leaping ability.

Here’s how this Quest will work:

  1. Go to and fill out the Quest with 7 unique Moments. 
  2. 4 of the Moments must be dunks. 
  3. 3 of the Moments must come from the Cleveland Cavaliers.* 
  4. That’s it.

As long as you have 7 Moments (any 4 dunks AND any 3 Cavaliers) in your Quest by Thursday, August 19th, 2021 at 12pm PDT, you will earn a brand new Fandom tier Moment from Isaac Okoro at Summer League. 

Please note: stacking Moments for this Quest is allowed, meaning you can select 4 of the same dunk Moment, and/or 3 of the same Cavs Moments and still qualify. However, a dunk from a Cavaliers player will only count towards 1 of the 7 Moments required. This Quest requires 7 Moments total meeting the criteria above. 

Please also note: this Moment from Isaac Okoro will be required for an upcoming Challenge, meaning it’ll have added utility in the near future. You do not want to miss this one. 


*The player must’ve been on the Cavaliers at the time the Moment happened. The player doesn’t still need to be on the Cleveland Cavaliers to count. Conversely, you cannot use a Moment from a player who is now a Cleveland Cavalier, but wasn’t on the team at the time the Moment happened. 

This Moment's Edition Size will be based on the number of collectors who successfully complete this Quest and will be distributed in a timely manner exclusively to those who finish the Quest. 

Last month, we formally launched our new Quest feature. This allows collectors to seamlessly add eligible Moments from your collection to your Quest. The feature will also verify your eligibility for the Quest in real time.


The Showcase will run for three days and the snapshot to determine final eligibility will be taken on Thursday, August 19 at 12pm PDT. 

We wish you luck on your Quest!