NBA Top Shot is in beta and we’re dropping hot plays. Our launch library contained 150 top highlights from the 2019-20 NBA season, featuring 5 different players on each team, to make sure there is something for everybody. Now we’ve added new plays, and this library will continue to grow both forward in time as games start up again and backward in time to build a more robust look at the 2019-20 season.

Pack Drop: Throwdowns Wave 2 of 2

Are you afraid of heights? Because these NBA stars aren’t. This rare Throwdowns pack contains 1 of 8 of the game’s most high-flying hammers from this slammin’ NBA Top Shot collection.

But you’ll have to be swift: only 275 of each of these legendary Moments will ever be minted. This pack will have you flyin’ high, with Moments like:

If you collect all 9 Throwdowns Moments from drop 1 and complete the Throwdowns Challenge, you’ll receive one of the nastiest rim-rockers from this season: San Antonio Spurs star DeMar DeRozan skying over his former Raptors teammates for an in-traffic slam. Revenge dunks are the best dunks. 

Key stats for Wave 2

  • Pack cost: $26
  • Total packs available: 1,237
  • Number-capped Moments: Only 275 of each Throwdowns Moments in total
  • Drops: July 20, 2020

6 Moments per pack

  •  1x rare Throwdowns
  •  5x Base Set

By the Numbers:

Throwdowns Wave 2/2:

  • Packs for sale: 1237
  • Edition size: 275
  • Serial numbers in pack: 1-275 (Giannis, while supplies last)
  • Serial numbers in pack: 138-275 (others, while supplies last)

Base Set:

  • Serial numbers in pack: 380-424, 801-847 (while supplies last)

[RESTOCKED] Prove you’re an original collector with Early Adopters 

For you lucky hoops diehards participating in early access to NBA Top Shot – this pack’s for you. The Early Adopter pack features 1 of the 10 hand-picked NBA Top Shot Moments that are only available in this Special Edition during the closed beta. 

What you could score:

  • Atlanta Hawks Kevin Huerter with the sweet behind-the-back pass to teammate John Collins
  • Dallas Mavericks Kristaps Porziņģis nailing the half court buzzer beater against the Miami Heat 
  • Los Angeles Lakers Alex Caruso protects the rim with a big-time stuff against former teammate Lonzo Ball

Key stats: 

  • Pack cost: $9
  • Time-limited Moments: no cap on the number of packs, but no more packs will be created/ or sold once the closed beta ends 
  • Dropped on June 15, 2020

3 Moments per pack:

  • 2 Base Set Moments
  • 1 common Early Adopters Moment  

Sold out: Throwdowns Wave 1 of 2 and From the Top

Records are meant to be broken quickly, it seems. After the third wave of Denied! packs sold out last week in an unprecedented minute, the From the Top and Throwdowns Wave 1 packs sold out nearly instantly. That’s right, nearly instantly. Y’all really outdid yourselves. 

But, never fear, if you didn’t get your hands on one of these in-demand packs, get ready to snag legendary Moments from MVPs and other rare slams on the marketplace when it launches, or find someone to trade with in Discord. Start makin' your plans!