This afternoon we awarded a rare Donovan Mitchell Throwdowns Moment to the 809 collectors who completed the Showcase Quest, which ended earlier in the day. As background, we're exploring Showcase Quests as a potential in-product addition to the NBA Top Shot experience.  We are still building out our systems for the experimental Showcase Quests feature, so today we used a new process for distributing the Quest prizes. 

Regrettably, we discovered an issue with the randomization step of this new process after prizes were distributed, which resulted in the randomized order for our prize recipients being re-sorted by an internal ID associated with the recipient's account. This was an isolated incident with this edition of Quests, and randomization for Challenges and other in-product features have been thoroughly battle tested. 

The intended and expected randomization of prize distribution did not occur, an outcome that is categorically unacceptable to us. We know that the community relies on us to fairly distribute prizes and have taken steps to fix the process issue and ensure this doesn’t occur again in the future.

We would like to thank members of our community for helping quickly identify this irregularity (we love that the transparency of the blockchain helps make this possible), allowing us to quickly complete our investigation to understand what occurred and put measures in place to fix it.

We would also like to apologize to the 809 collectors who did not have the intended and expected experience of having a completely random chance to receive any given serial number of the prize Moment. As compensation, in addition to the prize they have already received, we are awarding Dapper Balance as well as a rare pack to each of these collectors so that they can have a chance to receive a special Moment. This compensation is being sent out today to each of the collectors who successfully completed the Donovan Mitchell Showcase Quest. Every affected collector will receive the same compensation package and will be notified via email when it’s completed. We also assure our community of collectors that we take this issue seriously and pledge to do better moving forward.