Fast Facts 

  • A collection of the best dunks from the NBA season are dropping on Thursday, March 24, in new Throwdowns packs featuring Rare Moments with only 888 of each Moment in existence.
  • In a return to our guaranteed rarity pack drops, these $89 packs will contain 5 Moments, with 1 guaranteed to be a Rare Throwdowns Moment, and 4 Base Set Commons.
  • 17,000 total packs will be available for sale, with 4,000 packs reserved for a 10am PDT Priority Queue exclusive to a 20,000+ Drop Score, 10,000 packs reserved for a 12pm PDT Priority Queue exclusive to a 2,000+ Drop Score, and 3,000 available to anyone in a 2pm PDT General Queue.

The Best Dunks Of The NBA Season Drop This Thursday 

There are few things in the NBA as satisfying as a rim-rocking dunk. Celebrating the best dunks of the year by memorializing them as NFTs is an annual tradition for NBA Top Shot and our global community of basketball fans. This Thursday, the tradition continues. 

25 of the best dunks of the ‘2021-22 NBA season are coming in our Rare Throwdowns Set.

Throwing it back to our guaranteed rarity pack drop format, each $89 Throwdowns pack will include 1 of 21 new Throwdowns Rare Moments minted to /#888, and 4 Base Set Common Moments, for a total of 5 Moments in each pack.

In addition to the 21 Moments available in packs, 3 new Throwdowns Moments will be available as Challenge Rewards and 1 Throwdowns Moment will be available in a format that will give collectors a unique new choice to make. 

A new gravity-defying dunk from Ja Morant’s career-best and Memphis Grizzlies franchise-record 52-point performance is coming. Want to earn it? News on how you can will be announced in the near future...

Here’s a first-look at our Series 3 Throwdowns Roster, with 13 NBA favorites making their Throwdowns Debut and 12 Throwdowns alums making their return. For 7 of these players, their new Series 3 Throwdowns Moments will be their scarcest and rarest on NBA Top Shot to date. 

Returning To Throwdowns: LeBron James, DeMar DeRozan, Paul George, De'Aaron Fox, Derrick Jones Jr., Kelly Oubre Jr., Alex Caruso, Naz Reid, Isaac Okoro, Russell Westbrook (Challenge Reward), Joel Embiid (Challenge Reward), Ja Morant (New Reward Format) 

First Throwdowns Appearance: Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Luka Dončić, Andrew Wiggins, Gary Payton II, Juan-Toscano Anderson, Malik Monk, Wendell Carter Jr., Doug McDermott, Jordan Clarkson, Daniel Gafford, Myles Turner, Jalen Suggs (Challenge Reward)

New Throwdowns Moment Will Be Rarest Current Top Shot Moment: Gary Payton II, Juan-Toscano Anderson, Naz Reid, Wendell Carter Jr., Doug McDermott, Daniel Gafford, Jalen Suggs (Challenge Reward)

Looking for more details on the drop, what it’ll take to get in, and who is eligible for a free airdropped pack? Keep reading.

Join NBA Top Shot and The Wolfpack, our community of Throwdowns lovers and set holders, this Wednesday at 4pm PDT for a pre-drop Twitter Spaces celebration.


To continue our commitment of rewarding complete set holders during Series 3, free packs will be delivered via airdrop. Holders of a Complete Throwdowns Series 1 Set will receive 3 free Series 3 Throwdowns packs. Holders of a Complete Throwdowns Series 2 Set will receive 3 free Series 3 Throwdowns packs. 

These are the only pack airdrops for Throwdowns Series 3. If you happen to own a duplicate of either complete set, for example, two of every single Moment from Throwdowns Series 2, you will only receive the airdrop once. 

The snapshot for these airdrops was conducted at 11:30am PDT on Monday, March 21, 2022. 

These packs will be delivered before the first Queue opens.

A Drop Bonus will apply of 1 point per $1 spent on Moments currently owned + a 100 point Favorite Team Bonus. That bonus is added to your Collector Score to determine your Drop Score. Your Drop Score determines which pack drop(s) you’re eligible to join. 

  • At 10am PST on March 24, Priority Queue 1 will open for anyone with a 20,000 or higher Drop Score. This Queue will have 4,000 packs. 
  • At 12pm PST on March 24, Priority Queue 2 will open for anyone with a 2,000 or higher Drop Score. This Queue will have 10,000 packs.

  • At 2pm PST on March 24, the General Queue will open for anyone, with any Drop Score, to join. This Queue will have 3,000 packs. 

There is a 1 pack limit per collector and each pack will be $89. If you are able to purchase a pack in one Queue, you will not be able to join another Queue to try and purchase a second pack. Trade Tickets are not a payment option for this pack drop, but will make their return for other Series 3 drops. 


Our final pack drop of March on Thursday the 31st will feature the debut of a brand new NBA Top Shot Set with some of the season’s flashiest Moments.