Anybody up for a round of trivia?

We hosted the first of our #NBAFinals Trivia Nights during Game 2 between the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks. Collectors in the community had the opportunity to win a 2021 #NBAPlayoffs pack.

Throughout the game, we asked eight questions and a total of 100 unique Collectors were selected to receive a 2021 #NBAPlayoffs pack, pending the correct answer(s). Thanks to our community, we started trending on Twitter. #NBATopShotThis

See below for the full list of questions and correct answers:

Q: Which NBA Player has the most #NBAFinals appearances from both rosters?
A: Jae Crowder, with two (2) #NBAFinals appearances.

Q: When CP3 passed Magic for 5th all-time in career assists, who was he playing?
A: The Milwaukee Bucks!

Q: How many Top ten picks combined are on the #NBAFinals rosters?
A: 6 players total.

Q: Which players from both #NBAFinals starting lineups were drafted in the second round?
A: Khris Middleton, PJ Tucker, Jae Crowder.

Q: What is Devin Booker’s career high for points in a game?
A: 70 points.

Q: Who leads the Bucks in points per game this postseason?
A: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Q: The _____ drafted Khris Middleton ______ overall. Fill in the blanks above.
A: Detroit Pistons, 39th

Q: What's the model of the car that Devin Booker arrived with for Game 1?
A: 1959 Chevy impala

Without a further ado, click here to see the full list of winners. All packs have been distributed and should be in the Collector accounts.

#NBAFinals Game 3 Trivia? Appointment set. We’ll see you on Sunday at 5pm PDT.

Stay tuned to our Twitter to stay up-to-date for more activations during the #NBAFinals.