Your feedback matters. We’ve been listening and have heard you: There are features you’d like to see to improve the packs and pack drop experience. In the first update to packs, you will be able to hold unopened packs. This is our first step towards future advanced packs features. The basics are: You can hold unopened packs if you want. For now, that’s it, but it’s a step towards a near future where you can gift, sell, and trade packs as well.

Unopened Packs Basics

You can hold unopened packs. You won’t be able to sell packs on the Marketplace yet, but when we launch that feature your unopened packs will be eligible to be sold there.

Why Hold Packs?

Each drop is only available for a limited time while supplies last, so if you happen to snag a pack before it gets pulled or sells out, you'll be able to put off and savor that sweet pack opening experience until much later. This would let you purchase a bundle of many packs at once, and open them one by one until you get the Moment you really wanted, and eventually be able to resell those remaining packs (still sealed!) down the road. Previously if you tried to buy and open packs one at a time, you ran the risk of packs selling out between opens.

What Can I Do With Packs?

You can still open your new packs right away, or you can buy packs and hold them unopened to open at a later time. Maybe you want to do a massive personal break. Or maybe you want to quickly buy packs before they sell out, then savor the opening later. This gives you that flexibility.

What’s Next for Unopened Packs?

  • View what packs you're holding unopened in your Collection
  • Filter your unopened packs in your Collection by Set
  • Buy and sell packs in the Marketplace

In summary, for now, you have the option to open or not open your own packs. In future iterations, you will be able to buy and sell these unopened packs as well. 

Have any questions? Hit us up in #serious-feedback on Discord or email so the first person to see your question can answer.