When NBA Top Shot launched, “web3” and “NFT” were barely blips on the radar. Together we brought NFTs into the mainstream and charted a new course in sports fandom. Watch the video above to run back through how it all happened.

Also, as a way fo celebrating how far we've all come together this year, all fans with at least one Moment will get an email tonight, breaking down the stats for Your Year In Top Shot. Stats like...

  • Total Packs Purchased
  • Moments Earned From Challenges
  • Your Favorite Team
  • The Team Whose Moments You Own Most
  • The Set With The Most Moments You Own
  • Your Lowest Serial ... and a chance to share it on Twitter

Heads-up, too: The data was pulled from the blockchain, so in case you see some differences in Series ... on the blockchain, Series 3 is actually the fourth Series on Top Shot, while Summer 2021 is technically the third.

Got a tie for most Moments from teams or sets? We'll show you one of the teams or sets that's tied for first -- click into your account to see more.

Haven't earned a Moment from Challenges yet? Haven't tried Challenges yet. They're great. Find them here.

And want a look at what's coming in 2022? Check out the Road Ahead here.

And as you head into the New Year, thanks for building the future of fandom right alongside us. Happy holidays, and we can't wait to break new ground with you in 2022.

For now, if you're looking to pad your stats a little more to finish the year?