The 2023 WNBA season on Top Shot will give collectors a focused and easy-to-follow experience with scarcity, simplicity, and collectibility at the forefront. Here’s a look at what’s to come, starting today, as the WNBA celebrates the opening weekend of its 27th season. New to the W? Start your collection today.

2023 WNBA Season Collectibles 

After pushing the limits with 11 different WNBA Sets during the 2022 season, the 2023 season will see just 4 total WNBA Sets for the entire season, with one Set per tier. There will be no Parallels for the WNBA this season either.

The 2023 Base Set will be minted to /2500 each, with Top Shot Debuts of the rookies from this year’s draft class limited to just /1250 each.

There is a limit of 1 Common Moment per player. Not every player is guaranteed a Moment.

The 2023 Rise With Us Set will feature Fandom Moments from the WNBA Regular Season and Playoffs.

These Moments will be earned via limited-time Pop-Up Leaderboards. There is a maximum of 2 Fandom Moments per player (1 in the Regular Season and 1 in the Playoffs). More details can be found below. 

The 2023 Metallic Gold LE Set will be minted to /199 each.

There is a limit of 1 Rare Moment per player. Only the best players in the W will have a Rare Moment. 

The 2023 Legendary Set will be minted to /27 each, celebrating the W’s 27th season.

This will reflect the best Moments of the 2023 WNBA Playoffs and Finals, but may not maintain the previous names of this Legendary collection. 

Each Set will be a part of Series 4 and carry the “2023” designation, along with some stylistic differences, to ensure they stand out in your collection and in the Marketplace. 

During each Pack Drop, between 10% to 20% of these new Packs will be made available via Challenges, but there will not be weekly Flash and Crafting Challenges as part of the 2023 WNBA season. Now that you know the breakdown of Sets ahead, when can you expect to add these Moments to your WNBA Top Shot collection? Here’s a look at our 2023 Pack Drop Schedule. 

2023 WNBA Season Pack Drop Schedule  

  • WNBA All-Star: The first Pack Drop of the WNBA season will take place in July, around the 2023 WNBA All-Star Game, and will feature the first Base Set Drop and Metallic Gold LE Drop.
  • Commissioner’s Cup Championship: The second Pack Drop of the WNBA season will take place in August, around the 2023 Commissioner's Cup Championship, and will feature our second Base Set Drop. 
  • End of Season: The third Pack Drop of the WNBA season will take place in September, around the end of the WNBA Regular Season and the start of the WNBA Playoffs, and feature our final Base Set Drop and final Metallic Gold LE Drop. 
  • WNBA Finals: The fourth and final Pack Drop of the WNBA season will take place in October and will feature our WNBA Legendary Packs.

2023 WNBA Season Pop-Up Leaderboards

WNBA Season Tip-Off Leaderboard

Climb the Leaderboard. Rise With Us. During the 2023 WNBA Season, a series of Leaderboards will pop up for a limited time to unite WNBA collectors around a shared event. There will be one Leaderboard per month.

Climbing these Leaderboards will be the key to unlocking Moment Rewards from the “Rise With Us” Fandom Set. 

Each Leaderboard will feature 3 different Moment Rewards that reflect some of the best WNBA basketball to take place while the Leaderboard is active.  

Your rank on the Leaderboard is simply a real-time reflection of your collection. Serial numbers for each of the 3 Moments will be randomized for collectors who earn them.

There is no need to burn or lock any Moments. Just collect anything you want and be rewarded, big or small, based on where you rank when each Leaderboard ends. Locked and unlocked Moments are included.

  • Positions 500 - 1997 on the Leaderboard will receive one Moment, minted to /1997, in recognition of the WNBA's inaugural season.
  • Positions 100-499 on the Leaderboard will receive two Moments, with one minted to /499 and the other minted to /1997.  
  • Positions 1-99 on the Leaderboard will receive all three Moments, with one minted to /99, one minted to /499, and the other minted to /1997. 
  • The first Leaderboard is our Season Tip-Off Pop-Up Leaderboard, and it’s live now! Three of the best Moments from this weekend's WNBA action will be featured as rewards.

The Leaderboard will be open until May 31, 2023, at which point a blind snapshot will be taken and Moments will be distributed shortly after to eligible collectors. 

Connect and Collect with our WNBA Community 

“For The W” is WNBA Top Shot’s global community of W fans and collectors, and they gather in our Discord. To join the community, collect and complete the WNBA: Best of 2021 (Summer 2021) Set, representing the WNBA's first season on Top Shot.

As the WNBA season unfolds, this community makes it easier for fans to get together, talk hoops, and organize meetups all over North America.

They also have epic Packs from the WNBA Top Shot warehouse they’ll be using for engaging community-led giveaways and events all season long. 

If you’re a WNBA lover looking for other fans that are as passionate about the game as you are, look no further.

As the WNBA season unfolds, we can't wait to see which teams and players stand out, earn their spot in the Commissioner's Cup Championship, and make their way to the WNBA Finals! To join the fun, start your collection today.

This blog was updated at 5:20pm ET on May 22, 2023, to clarify the random serial number distribution for Leaderboard Rewards.