Announcing In Her Bag

The first-ever Legendary WNBA Moment™ collectibles are coming to NBA Top Shot on Tuesday, October 26th... 

Fast Facts:

  • This drop will feature 18 of the very best Moments from the WNBA playoffs
  • Beyond the Legendary Moment in every pack, collectors will also receive 2 Rare WNBA Run It Back Moments, and 4 Common WNBA: Best of 2021 Moments. 
  • This drop will feature a General Queue and a Priority Queue. 
  • The drop will be on Tuesday, October 26 at 1pm PDT.

Throughout the 2021 WNBA playoffs, the most incredible players stepped up and delivered unbelievable performances.

18 players put their legacies on the line and pulled out some of the most fire plays from their bag: 

  • Candace Parker delivered a championship for her city
  • Diana Taurasi helped lead Phoenix to her fourth-career WNBA Finals
  • Kahleah Copper cemented herself as one of the league’s brightest superstars. 

And on Tuesday, October 26, collectors will have the opportunity to add some legends to the collection. 


Glad you asked. Every pack features a Legendary Moment from the WNBA playoffs numbered to just 125, these packs are some of the best we’ve ever had to offer. 

On top of the Legendary Moment from the WNBA Finals, the packs also contains 2 Rare Moments from the WNBA’s Run It Back drop, which feature 25 of the greatest Moments throughout WNBA history. Last but not least, these packs will also contain 4 Common Moments from the WNBA’s regular season. 


Set name: In Her Bag

Price: $599

In Her Bag Edition Size: /125

WNBA Run It Back Edition Size: /879

Please note: these packs will only be available to our most active collectors. The General Queue will require a Collector Score of 3.5K points (bonuses included) at the time of the drop.

General Queue Details:

Number of packs: 1,025

Collector Score requirement: 3.5K Collector Score points

Time: 1pm PDT on Tuesday, October 26

Want to boost your chances of landing a pack? The Priority Queue will give you a better chance of snagging a pack. 

Priority Queue Details:

Number of packs: 1,000

Collector Score requirement: 12.5K Collector Score points

Time: 11am PDT on Tuesday, October 26

Drop Bonuses:

  • 100 point Favorite Team Bonus for owning 3+ Moments from your favorite team
  • Marketplace bonus of 1 Collector Score point for every $1 spent in the Marketplace on Moments you still own (bonus up to 5K in points)
  • 10x bonus multiplier on WNBA Moments in your collection. (i.e. a Common WNBA Moment ordinarily worth 20 Collector Score points would come with a 200 Collector Score bonus.)

Anything Else?

We are excited to share that Showcase Challenges involving both Rare WNBA Run It Back and Legendary In Her Bag Moments are coming to Top Shot within the next few days! Stay tuned for more updates shortly.