The 2022 WNBA Playoffs start today, with the Chicago Sky looking to repeat last year’s championship run, and the New York Liberty, Connecticut Sun, Dallas Wings, Las Vegas Aces, Phoenix Mercury, Seattle Storm and Washington Mystics standing in their way. 

To capture and celebrate WNBA Playoffs excellence, today we are introducing a new series of WNBA Flash Challenges that will span the First Round, Semifinals and Finals. 

These Flash Challenge Reward Moments will be minted to meet the demand of challenge completions, exist in our Fandom Tier, and belong to a new set called “Chasing the Trophy.” 

Depending on the outcome of each round’s matchups, there will be a minimum of 6 WNBA Flash Challenges — and new Chasing the Trophy Moments — and a maximum of 9. 

We look forward to witnessing the WNBA’s most exciting part of the season together. The first Chasing the Trophy Flash Challenge will begin tonight!

A look at our full schedule of Chasing the Trophy Flash Challenges can be found below the set art.

WNBA Chasing The Trophy Moments

Chasing the Trophy Flash Challenge Schedule

Each Flash Challenge ends approximately one week after the game dates below conclude.

  • Round 1, Challenge 1: Games on August 17-18
  • Round 1, Challenge 2: Games on August 20-21
  • Round 1, Challenge 3 (Flex, Pending Outcomes): Games on August 23-24
  • Round 2, Challenge 1: Games on August 28-31
  • Round 2, Challenge 2: Games on September 4-6
  • Round 2, Challenge 3 (Flex, Pending Outcomes): Games on September 8
  • Round 3, Challenge 1: Games on September 11-13
  • Round 3, Challenge 2: Games on September 15-18
  • Round 3, Challenge 3 Games on (Flex, Pending Outcomes): September 20

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