Note: Updates made for new Moments from the Fandom tier. Scroll down to the 'Summer 2021 Updates' section for more

Collector Score is a game-changing feature for the NBA Top Shot experience. 

The simple idea is that your Collector Score is a point value sum of the Moments you own.* Each Moment in your collection, depending on its tier, Series and whether or not that Moment was a Challenge Reward, will contribute a set amount of points toward your Collector Score. The system allows for flexible collecting. As we all know, there is no one way to collect on NBA Top Shot. Collector Score gives every Moment specific utility and strategy, rewarding collectors of all levels with perks for growing their collection however they see fit. 

As packs remain in extremely high demand, Collector Score has become the most reliable mechanic to ensure our most active collectors have access to the most exclusive pack drops, while incentivizing newer collectors to grow their collections as a path to gaining access to exclusive pack drops. 

Below is a breakdown of the scoring system we’ve implemented. The weighted scoring system is subject to change as we optimize it in the future.

Collector Score is updated in real time each collector’s profile.

Series 1 Moments:

Common (Base Set only): 25 points 

Common (Non-Base Set): 40 points

Rare: 100 points

Legendary: 2000 points

Series 1 Challenge Reward Moments:

Common (Base Set only): 37 points

Common (Non-Base Set): 60 points

Rare: 150 points

Legendary: 3000 points

Series 2 Moments:

Common (Base Set only): 12 points

Common (Promo**): 10 points

Common (Non-Base Set): 20 points

Rare: 80 points

Legendary: 1000 points

Series 2 Challenge Reward Moments:

Common (Base Set only): 18 points

Common (Promo) Challenge Reward: 15 points

Common (Non-Base Set) Challenge Reward: 30 points

Rare: 120 points

Legendary: 1500 points

* Moments in unopened packs do not count toward your Collector Score.

** Promo includes Moments from high volume and/or earnable sets such as The Gift.

*** Points are subject to change for future drops as this is still in testing.

Series 1 - Challenge Completion + Reward Owned

Common (Non-Base Set) = 20 points

Rare = 50 points

Legendary = 1000 points

Series 2  - Challenge Completion + Reward Owned

Common (Non-Base Set) = 70 points

Common (Promo) = 35 points

Rare = 280 points

Legendary = 3,500 points

Summer 2021 Updates

With the dawn of a new series we are updating Collector Score to include points for Summer 2021. Rest assured, your current collector score will be calculated in the same manner as it always was, but new Moments will change the dynamics (though not the calculation!) of bonuses. The point values are laid out in the charts below:

Summer 2021 Non-Rewards
Common NBA: 2

Common WNBA: 20
Fandom: 10
Common Non-Base: 2
Rare: 80
Legendary: 1000

Summer 2021 Rewards
Common Base: 10
Fandom: 15
Common Non-Base: 10
Rare: 120
Legendary: 1500

Summer 2021 Challenge Completion+Reward Owned
Fandom: 35
Common Non-Base: 40
Rare: 280
Legendary: 3500

One additional note about bonuses: for the Summer 2021 series there will not be individual series bonuses for this series. There will still be complete set bonuses and full team bonuses (for owning at least one Moment from every player to ever appear on a given team in any series).

* There are no Fandom Moments in Series 1 or Series 2


Need to up your Collector Score? That’s where bonuses come in. 

From drop to drop, we will attach bonuses to your Collector Score to help collectors work themselves into eligibility for the drop. Bonuses change from drop-to-drop to ensure we’re rewarding different collectors with different strategies at every turn. 

 For now, here are the bonuses to be mindful of as you build your collection. Note, these are subject to change while in testing:

  • Set Completion Bonus -  Now you can double-up on points when you complete a set. So if you own all 18 Hustle and Show Moments, that's a complete Hustle and Show set. 
  • Series Team Bonus - For fans who go all-in on their squads. Collect at least one Moment from each player on a team of your choice for a given series, get a 50% bonus on each Moment.  [Please note: this only applies to the 30 current NBA teams, so there will be no team bonuses awarded for Team LeBron and Team Durant from the 2021 All-Star Game set. This is also the case for WNBA teams in Summer 21.] 
  • Full Team Bonus: For our completionists (and super fans). Collect at least one Moment from each player ever to be featured on a team of your choice and score big. This bonus is not for the faint of heart, as the Run It Back set often makes it very difficult to acquire ALL of the Moments from a specific team. 
  • Challenge Completion + Reward Owned: If you’ve completed a Challenge and still own that Challenge Reward, you will receive a bonus. You do not need to hold onto the other Moments that you used for the challenge. 


As promised, all of the above boils down to some pretty simple stuff.

  1. Complete sets and double up on points with Set Completion bonuses.
  2. Complete challenges and hold on to challenge rewards for Challenge Completion bonuses.
  3. Collect at least one Moment from each player on a team of your choice for a given series and score Series Team Completion bonuses.
  4. Collect at least one Moment from each player ever to be featured on a team of your choice and score big time Full Team Completion bonuses. 

We've seen collectors already building up their Top Shot collections in these fun ways. We’ll continue to iterate and optimize to best incentivize collectors to show off their fandom even more.