Update: This blog was updated at 1:40pm ET on September 14, 2022 to provide added clarity around the calculation of Average Sales Prices in a number of different conditions, along with the announcement that Average Sales Price is now automatically updated each day.


Top Shot Score is a scoring system designed to emphasize collecting what you love and reward you for the fun of being a fan. It’s a chance to show off to your favorite teams and players, and to show the world how big of a fan you are based on your collection. 

Top Shot Score is a replacement to the current Collector Score system, which has been primarily used to determine pack queue eligibility to date. 

Top Shot Score will be used to measure your collection against other fans and qualify top fans for access to packs and exclusive rewards you can’t get anywhere else but Top Shot.


Your Top Shot Score is simply the total score of all the Moments in your collection.

Every Top Shot Moment is assigned a Top Shot Score based on the dollar cost paid to purchase in the official Marketplace, multiplied by 10. Buy a Moment for $50 and your Top Shot Score goes up by 500 while you own that Moment. 

When a Moment changes ownership via Marketplace transaction, the Top Shot Score will reset based on the cost paid to acquire it or the current Average Sales Price of the Moment, whichever is greater. Average Sales Price is calculated the same way it is displayed in the official Marketplace.

The initial Average Sales Price of a New Moment, like those opened in Pack Drops and airdropped as rewards, will be established within 24 hours of its first sale. Once it is calculated and set, it’s based on the average of all of the Moment’s transactions at that time. Since sales volumes are typically different between Moments, the number of sales used to calculate each Average Sales Price will also be different.

In the event that your Moment increases in value on the Marketplace and the Average Sales Price exceeds the value of your purchase price, your Top Shot Score will now be updated daily around 8am ET to reflect those positive changes.

When viewing Moments on the Top Shot Marketplace, you can always transact with clarity and confidence as the listing clearly displays how a transaction would change your Top Shot Score.

Additional details about Average Sales Price (ASP) can be found below.


Starting today, Top Shot Score (TSS) will auto-update daily (around 8am ET) based on Average Sales Price (ASP) increases for Moments in the marketplace. The first auto-update just happened, and will take place around 8am ET moving forward. As a reminder, the Top Shot Score of an owned Moment can never and will never decrease — it can only increase. While TSS ASP updates are automatic, here’s the logic behind how these updates will occur: 

  • If a Moment has 50+ sales over the last 14 days, we use that to calculate the Average Sales Price (ASP) that will be displayed. 
  • If a Moment has fewer than 50 sales over the last 14 days, the ASP will be from the last 60 days of activity — provided the Moment has at least 10 sales over that time period. 
  • If a Moment has fewer than 10 sales in the last 60 days, the ASP will be the last ten sales of that Moment, no matter the time period. 
  • If a Moment has fewer than 10 lifetime sales, the ASP is the average of every sale of the Moment. 

To reiterate, ASP updates can never reduce the Top Shot Score of a Moment you own — only increase it.

Starting on September 21, if you gift a Moment and then receive it back - the Moment's Top Shot Score will be reset to its Average Sales Price (ASP) and not your original purchase.


The number one reason is economic health. 

We first rolled out Collector Score in May 2021, with a system designed to allow fans to compare their collections against one another and provide a score we could use to ensure the top fans had the best access to limited pack drops. As the system was dissected, certain avenues to most efficiently boost your score were found, which often de-emphasized collecting what you love. We also received feedback from the community that Collector Score was not intuitive or simple to understand. Top Shot Score aims to address these issues and help ensure that points make sense by letting the market determine how many points a given Moment should have. Most notably, and as stated above, we want to emphasize collecting what you love versus collecting what optimizes your score. The best way to do this is to let the market dictate the score values rather than our team attempting to assign them.

We also recognize that a lot of existing fans have put a lot of money and time into the Collector Score system and that some folks will prefer the old system to the new. While we can’t maintain two incompatible, competing scoring systems, it is paramount to us that our community is compensated as it relates to this system migration. As such, an Early Adopter drop bonus will be available until the conclusion of Series 4 (June 2023). This Early Adopter bonus will ensure that when it comes to qualifying for drops, your new Top Shot Drop Score will at least get you equivalent access to what you had under Collector Score-based drop scores.


Wash trading, or the idea of trading Moments on the Marketplace at artificial prices, is against our community Code of Conduct. All suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity will be monitored and appropriate action taken to protect the community. Action in these cases will include and are not limited to account freezes, score erasures and off-boarding in egregious cases of manipulation. 

We will provide a warning in the Marketplace when purchasing a Moment for more than five times the current Average Sales Price, and we will implement a manual review process before Top Shot Score points will be awarded for such purchases.

For more details about Top Shot Score, and all that’s ahead, please read here