The first packs from Series 3 will drop today, introducing the first Moments from 2021-22 to the ecosystem. We couldn't be more excited.

But as we're now fully in Series 3, it's important to take note of the Collector Score point values.

Series 3 Non-Rewards
Common Base: 2
Fandom: 10
Common Non-Base: 2
Rare: 80
Legendary: 1000

Series 3 Rewards
Common Base: 10
Fandom: 15
Common Non-Base: 10
Rare: 120
Legendary: 1500

Series 3 Challenge Completion + Reward Owned
Common Base: 40
Fandom: 35
Common Non-Base: 40
Rare: 280
Legendary: 3500


Need to up your Collector Score? That’s where bonuses come in.

From drop to drop, we will attach bonuses to your Collector Score to help collectors work themselves into eligibility for the queue. Bonuses change from drop-to-drop to ensure we’re rewarding different collectors with different strategies at every turn.

For now, here are the bonuses to be mindful of as you build your collection. Note, these are subject to change while in testing:

  • Set Completion Bonus -  Now you can double-up on points when you complete a set. So if you own all 18 Hustle and Show Moments, that's a complete Hustle and Show set, and each Moment will double in Collector Score value. There will be a 100% Bonus per Moment in complete sets.
  • Series Team Bonus - For fans who go all-in on their squads. Collect at least one Moment from each player on a team of your choice for a given series, get a 50% bonus on each Moment.  [Please note: this only applies to the 30 current NBA teams, so there will be no team bonuses awarded for Team LeBron and Team Durant from the 2021 All-Star Game set. This is also the case for WNBA teams in Summer 21.]
  • Full Team Bonus: For our completionists (and super fans). Collect at least one Moment from each player ever to be featured on an NBA team of your choice and score big. This bonus is not for the faint of heart, as the Run It Back set and upcoming Legendary historical sets will make it nearly impossible to acquire ALL of the Moments from every player on a specific team across all series. If you are so lucky to acquire ALL of the Moments from a specific team across all series, please note that this bonus will require you to keep adding Moments to your collection as new players are introduced from your favorite NBA team. There is a 150% bonus per Moment if you have every player from a Team.
  • Challenge Completion + Reward Owned: If you’ve completed a Challenge and still own that Challenge Reward, you will receive a bonus. You do not need to hold onto the other Moments that you used for the challenge.