What’s up Top Shot squad!

Welcome to another edition of the NBA Top Shot Community Roundup. This is a one-stop blog for all things NBA Top Shot, and where we’ll be keeping you updated with the best ideas we've seen from our community every week. We’ll also share some awesome Moment acquisitions that we've seen in the last few days. 

If you have an idea or suggestion, please don't hesitate to share it with us on Discord or Twitter. Just recently, we added filters for different rarities in the Marketplace to optimize your browsing experience, among many other site improvements that we’ve made thanks to your valuable input. Keep the great feedback coming as we work to make Top Shot even better for everyone involved.


  • Flaz inquired about an “export” button from your activity tab to get a spreadsheet of all your past purchases.

  • AgentWolf and WookieeCookies had ideas about enhancing the Marketplace sales history by incorporating pages instead of the current “Load More” button. Wookiee additionally suggested being able to choose the number of transactions you’d be able to load per page; 50|100|500|1000.

  • cooked_mandrill requested a filter to use on base sets in your collection. They wanted the option to choose between LE (Limited Edition) and CC (Circulating Count) Moments.

  • Luigi suggested a Challenge pack reward instead of the regular single Moment that’s awarded. They felt the idea of keeping it unopened and adding Moments to go alongside it like a regular pack would encourage completing sets.

  • TexasBearCat wanted rewards that would give you a chance in getting something rarer. For example, The Finals Jimmy Butler would have a Diamond border rare (or similar), which is minted to only 10% of those who completed the set and randomly distributed.


When will NBA Top Shot transition from open beta into going public?

Once we have all the baseline features in place and all systems are running smoothly for our collectors, we can transition out of open beta. We do not have a specific timeline in place for this at the moment.

Why can’t you give official dates for future features? (i.e. cashouts, etc.)

We have estimates about how long each feature will take to develop and test. Unfortunately, with software development, new challenges and external constraints come up along the way and can extend timelines. While these remain high priorities that we're actively working to deliver, we don't have specific timelines to share.

Is there a roadmap for NBA Top Shot?
There is no public roadmap yet, but we are considering making it public in the future. For now, you can keep track of new features in our weekly Developer Diary blog posts

Are there any updates on issues with Baller Status not reflecting points earned with achieving objectives?

We've conducted a review of the systems in place that help us track Baller Status points and found that we'll need to rebuild some of those systems from the ground up. We've kicked off that rebuild process and will be able to more accurately track Baller Status points earned once that build is complete.


tongka was feeling bullish on this Cosmic LeBron James legendary Moment, #35 of only 49 ever available. This is the first LeBron James Moment in Top Shot history, congrats on grabbing this coveted Moment for $6,500.

ticketsftw248 scored a legendary Luka Dončić Holo MMXX Moment for $2,385. Limited to only 50, this Moment is Luka’s first in the Top Shot collection.

chubby_starfish4549 is now the proud owner of a Giannis Holo MMXX legendary Moment, acquiring it for $1,900. The reigning MVP has solidified his claim as an elite superstar. 

trilldebeest scooped up this #3/50 Holo legendary Kawhi Leonard for $1,750. Congratulations on adding a legendary dunk from the two-time Finals MVP to your collection. 

Nice pickup by JenK for $1,730 on this amazing hustle block by LeBron James! This From The Top legendary Moment is only #6/59 ever available.

Nice snag on this legendary Holo Nikola Jokic for $1,499 wiredgrl84. The highly skilled big man is set for another amazing season, continuing his dominance on the court through bullying and out-smarting the opposition.

Jimmy Buckets put on a show for the ages in the NBA Finals this past season. Congrats sircharles on picking up this #20/50 Holo legendary Moment for $1,100

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more updates from the community coming soon.