During the Holiday of Hoops and 12 Days of Hoopsmas, we'll be shining a spotlight on our community, too.

Nothing brings people together like the holidays, and NBA Top Shot’s community is no exception. Fans of all 30 NBA teams and members of communities like the Nine Lives Lounge are celebrating the Holiday of Hoops with Top Shot in their own unique ways — bringing collectors together around the game they love. 

Here’s a look at the festive fun happening around NBA Top Shot, our Fan Communities and individual creators. Throughout December, this blog post will be updated with new events and initiatives, so bookmark the page and check in for more fun! 

Create a Paper Moment Ornament 

The “Paper Moment Creator” is a free and easy tool created by a member of our community to print and create ornaments of your favorite NBA Top Shot Moments as fun decorations for the holidays. Create your Paper Moment whenever you’re ready, and share your creations on social media using the #PaperMoment hashtag. 

Play in the Nine Lives Lounge Soho Slam

The Soho Slam is a free NBA trivia and predictions game contest for any NBA Top Shot collector to participate in, running until December 25, with exciting prizes like NBA Top Shot credit, Cool Cats packs and NBA League Pass subscriptions. 

To enter to play, start here

Around NBA Top Shot’s Fan Communities

All 30 NBA teams have Fan Communities, led by Team Captains, that celebrate their favorite team and connect collectors of that team together. Each Fan Community has a monthly budget provided by NBA Top Shot to host events, go to NBA games, buy prizes for giveaways and bring people together around the game they love. Here’s a look at some of the amazing activities hosted by Fan Communities around NBA Top Shot. 

  • Boston Celtics Fan Community: 12 Days Of Christmas, from December 15 to 25, featuring 11 amazing Boston Celtics Moments and a pair of Suite tickets to a Boston Celtics game in February. Participate in the Discord.

  • Sacramento Kings Fan Community: Happy Hanuk-Kangz, from December 18 to 27, featuring a wide variety of fun games and prizes. Participate in the Discord.

  • Cleveland Cavaliers Fan Community: 12 Days of Packmas, from December 9 to 22, featuring amazing Cleveland Cavaliers Moments and more prizes. Participate in the Discord.

  • Indiana Pacers Fan Community: Holiday Trade-In Event with $5,000 of Marketplace prizes available. Participate in the Discord.
  • Toronto Raptors Fan Community: 12+ Moments sent as prizes along with a Charity Giveaway! Participate in the Discord.

  • Dallas Mavericks Fan Community: Halleluka celebration with Common, Fandom, Rare and Legendary Moment giveaways, and a Moment Gift Swap. Participate in the Discord.

  • LA Clippers Fan Community: 12 Days of Christmas (Dec 25 to Jan 5) and 8 Nights of Hanukkah (Dec 18 to Dec 26) giveaways. Participate in the Discord.

  • LA Lakers Fan Community: Holiday prizes all December long. Participate in the Discord.

  • Denver Nuggets Fan Community: Christmas Contest with prizes throughout December. Participate in the Discord.

  • Washington Wizards Fan Community: Holiday Flash Challenges with special prizes all December. Participate in the Discord.

  • Houston Rockets Fan Community: Ticket giveaways, Moment upgrades and other community games. Participate in the Discord.

  • Phoenix Suns Fan Community: Giving away over 40 tickets to Home and Away games. Participate in the Discord.

  • New York Knicks Fan Community: Holiday party celebration featuring merch, Christmas Day Knicks tickets, giveaways and more! Participate in the Discord.

  • New Orleans Pelicans Fan Community: Christmas giveaways, Moment auctions and Trade Ticket contests. Participate in the Discord.

  • Golden State Warriors Fan Community: Holiday giveaways from December 14 to 25, including Curry-Mas, Challenges and more. Participate in the Discord.

  • Chicago Bulls Fan Community: Holiday giveaways including 45+ NBA tickets, Zach Lavine’s 8 Crazy Nights and the 12 Dosunmu’s of Christmas. Participate in the Discord.

  • For The W (WNBA) Fan Community: 12 Days of W Holiday Giveaways. Participate in the Discord

Celebrate the Holiday of Hoops with your favorite team and with NBA Top Shot! Merry Hoopsmas and Happy Holidays!