What is Cool Cats?

Cool Cats is a Common pack, meant to be our most accessible to collectors. It is a nod to CryptoKitties, our first product, which paved the way for NBA Top Shot to be created.

Key Stats:

  • 4 packs dropped separately (2 of 4 packs have dropped)
  • 5 Common Special Edition Moments in each pack 
  • 4 Challenge rewards, 1 associated with each pack drop
  • 1 Special Edition Moment distributed to CryptoKitties users (10,000+ in circulation)
  • 1 Special Edition Moment reward for the upcoming Showcase Contest (keep reading)
  • 3 Special Edition Moments that are TBA on distribution
  • 1 Special Edition Moment reward for the eventual Master Challenge (keep reading)

For anyone who isn’t a math major, that adds up to 30 total Moments in the set, with 29 needed to complete the Master Challenge (far below for detail on this one). 

February 14 Update

Cool Cats distribution strategy: A queue format will be used for the next Cool Cats drop. While there were some hiccups with Holo Icon, they surfaced bugs that needed to be fixed and we have confidence those issues will be resolved before the next Cool Cats packs drop. We'll clarify the rules and details about how the queue will work, before it happens.

Drop 1 pack delivery: The team sorted everyone out who had issues with the Cool Cats drop 1 pack delivery. If you have problems with packs showing up in the future, please contact the support team at https://hoo.ps/support.

Drop 2 timing: Drop 2 happened on Monday, February 15.

Drop 3 timing: Drop 3 is happening on Monday, March 22.

The Moment distributed through CryptoKitties: We’re going to keep experimenting with pack and Moment distribution to add variety into the product. Whether it’s welcoming the OG NFT community and thanking the CryptoKitties crew for supporting our projects, or partnering with athletes, influencers, and media publications to connect with NBA fans where they live, we’re going to continue to experiment with fun and different ways to get NBA Top Shot and its Moments out there. Over 10,000 of this Moment will be distributed and we expect it will be widely available in the Marketplace.

New Showcase Contest: We recognize we’re behind in distributing some of the prizes for the last Showcase Contest, so we’re working on that now. In the meanwhile, we will be launching a Showcase Contest soon and the prize is gonna be dope! 

Cool Cats Challenge Rewards

Here’s brass tacks on the rewards for completing each Cool Cats pack drop challenge:

This Master Challenge will require collecting each Cool Cats Moment from the set, including the challenge rewards from each preceding Cool Cats challenge. 

  • You WILL need to hold all 29 Cool Cats Moments to complete this challenge
  • You DO NOT need to hold onto the Base Set Moments from each Cool Cats challenge in order to complete the Master Challenge Reward after each of those challenges is over

Some unique Cool Cats Moments from the set may be released outside of packs or challenges, keep an eye out and follow us on social media for more details on this in the coming weeks.

There will be one Cool Cats Moment required for the Master Challenge that will be distributed exclusively to members of the CryptoKitties community. We can say with confidence that there will be at least 10,000 of these Moments distributed. You may need to obtain these Moments from the Marketplace in order to complete the Master Challenge.

We are planning to have at least one Cool Cats challenge that requires ONLY Base Set Moments. We'll keep you posted when that comes to fruition.

Happy collecting!