Summer League’s here! And we’re breaking new ground in Vegas, with 1 in-arena Moment each day (Aug 8-10) from our new Fandom tier, a Top Shot section, contest winners in the house and more. Stay tuned for to our social & blog for each day's Featured Game, where the Moment will come from, and find key links below.

When we say we’re building NBA Top Shot to be the future of fandom, we mean it.

We want collecting on Top Shot to give you a completely new way to rep your favorite players. Your team. Your city. We’re building NBA Top Shot to be a product that makes it easier than ever to show off your fandom, in a place where you can find your people -- all around the world -- in the blink of an eye. And we want these Moments to bring you closer -- in a way that nothing has before -- to the game we all love. In the past, we have referenced the possibility of a new tier of Moments in the future. The time has finally come to reveal it. 

Today, we’re excited to unveil a new, dynamic, fan-driven tier called Fandom tier, driven by love of the game and Top Shot events.

For the big debut, the first Fandom tier Moments will be bought in person, in arena, IRL. 

Learn more about the Fandom tier debut at Las Vegas Summer League here!

With this tier, we want to create a place for Moments where the supply is driven by dynamic demand, rather than preset mint numbers. 

When we say dynamic demand, future examples would include many non-set specific Quest prizes -- think of Russell Westbrook's game-saving block in the game where he tied the all time NBA triple-double record, where we minted the Moment for everyone who completed the Quest. It would also include promotional Moments, like future versions of The Gift or other airdrops that don’t fit neatly into an existing tier or set. 

Of course, like every Moment on Top Shot, once a Moment is in a tier it will live in that tier forever, so those examples of past Moments will not be reclassified. And Moments specific to a given set, like a Holo Icon or MGLE Moment, will remain in those sets regardless of whether it is pulled from a pack or earned via Quest.  

The arrival of the Fandom tier also gives us a place to comfortably house Moments that can be bought in an arena or at another event where Top Shot Moments are being sold, giving the game’s biggest fans more ways to commemorate their favorite memories.   

While mint counts are not set in stone for anything within this tier, the idea is that they will be adjacent to, but overlapping with the common and rare tiers in size. This tier allows us to reduce mint counts as demand dictates by slotting what would have otherwise been common Moments into a tier where you, the fans, control supply.  

What does that mean? 

Some Moments in the tier will have lower mint counts than some rare Moments, while others will have higher mint counts than some common Moments. 

This unique tier will allow for some Quests that fit different themes, with different levels of rewards -- ranging from very easy to more difficult. It will also allow for smaller unique drops in the future and fun twists and improvements on the status quo.

This all leads us to our first distributions of Moments in this tier. 

During the Las Vegas Summer League, we will be selling Moments in Thomas & Mack Arena, with guaranteed access to attendees of the event from a specific game being played that very day. These Moments will be delivered to collector accounts as quickly as possible, potentially even the following day. 

By doing this we will be able to specifically target a key audience: NBA fans who attend events in person, with Moments they witnessed live. 

Fandom tier is here to help redefine NBA fandom. And we can’t wait to share it with you.