One week.

In one week, the final Moments from the Series 2 Holo Icon collection -- our flagship legendary set -- are scheduled to drop at the Series 1 price of just $230 per pack. 

Holo Icon represents the pinnacle of NBA fandom in the Top Shot world. Electrifying plays from electrifying stars. 3 icons per team. All wrapped in a stunning holographic package with one of our favorite new tracks under it.

And this time, after talking to our community, we’ll be making some upgrades -- with a mission to reward collectors putting in the work.

First, to give our most active collectors a better chance of scoring a pack, we’re setting the bar high for eligibility, with a minimum Collector Score of 7,500 … while also introducing a whole new wave of bonuses to help you get there.

Once you’re eligible? 

You’ll have access to a queue featuring some of the most important Moments of the season at the special limited-time price of $230 per pack, in a continuation of our thank-you to our Top Shot Community. 

Read on for what else you need to know.


The drop is scheduled for 2 pm PDT, Thursday, June 17

  • Pack cost: $230 per pack as a limited-time return to our Series 1 Holo prices 
  • Number of Packs Available: 2,500*
  • Packs Per Collector: 1
  • Collector Score Required: 7,500 pts** [Click here to check yours]
  • Rebound Packs: Yup! Enough for everyone in the queue.

*An additional 173 packs will be reserved for customer service resolutions, giveaways, and promotional purposes.

** To ensure eligibility, your score including bonuses must meet or exceed 7500 by 9 am PDT, Thursday, June 17 and carry it through the end of the pack drop.


• Lamelo Ball pirouetting to fake out his defender and hitting a long-range trey.  

• James Wiseman throwing it down in a career high night.

• Jaylen Brown showing off the athleticism and flushing it home.

Check if you’re eligible


We've been iterating and improving Collector Score to guide the experience, and we're rolling out exciting new features that will reward dynamic experiences: team bonuses, set bonuses, challenge bonuses. After gathering data and feedback from the community, accounting for all the new bonuses, and upgrading the Marketplace bonus, the bar’s been set at 7,500 for Holo Icon. 

To help you get to 7,500? Brand-new limited-time bonuses that we’ll look to bring back regularly if the community enjoys them. So whether you’re into completing sets, repping your team, owning the Top Shot history of your squad -- or all 3 -- you’re about to find new ways to boost your Collector Score in a hurry.

  • To be eligible you need a  Collector Score Of 7,500
  • Learn more on how Collector Score is calculated. Remember, having a high Collector Score will always be the safest method to gain drop eligibility from drop to drop. 

Need to up your Collector Score? That’s where bonuses come in. Full details later in the blog. 

  • Set Completion Bonus -  Now you can double-up on points when you complete a Set. 
  • Series Team Bonus - For fans who go all-in on their squads. Collect at least 1 Moment from each player on a team of your choice for a given series, get a 50% bonus on each Moment.  [6/11 UPDATE: There will be no team bonuses awarded for Team LeBron and Team Durant ASG Moments]
  • Full Team Bonus: For our completionists (and super fans). Collect at least one Moment from each player ever to be featured on a team of your choice and score big.

  • Challenge Completion + Reward Owned: If you’ve completed a Challenge and still own that Challenge Reward, you will receive a bonus. 

Not only that, we also will include a Holo Icon Drop Bonus, consisting of:

  • Nine Lives Lounge Member Bonus: As Roham said in his Office Hours, we want Cool Cats to become the standard for digital Collectors -- “the coolest membership ticket in digital basketball fandom.” And just like with Premium Packs, if you’re holding all 30 Cool Cats Moments, you’re automatically eligible for this drop, getting a bonus of 7,500 points that guarantees you entry into the Holo Icon Queue.
  • Marketplace Bonus - Just like with Premium Packs, you’ll get a tiered bonus based on your net spend in the Marketplace. Check out our updated table for this drop:

Please note: the Marketplace Bonus only takes into account the following spending:Total dollars spent on Marketplace minus total dollars received from sales in Marketplace from 12:01 am PDT January 31st, 2021 through until 9:00 am PDT June 10th, 2021. Any purchases or sales made outside of this time frame will not count towards your Marketplace Bonus for this week's Holo Icon Drop.

Click here to check your Collector Score, or keep reading for (much) more about the new Collector Score bonuses.

A Deeper Dive On Collector Score & Bonuses

Collector Score is a game changer.

But, by our own admission, it’s not quite a finished product yet. And to get to where it needs to be -- as fast as possible -- we’re going to keep testing, learning, and improving how we define drop eligibility long term. 

And as we push to perfect Collector Score, we’re excited to roll out some new (experimental) bonuses to help you get eligibility for the Holo Icon drop. 

We believe these bonuses will reflect different ways to collect and reward those who pull out all the stops in support of their favorite team. We got several ideas from the Community to make this happen, so big thanks to all the contributions!

For those of you who live for spreadsheets, we're going to get into the weeds of exactly how to qualify for and calculate these bonuses. But for everyone else, feel free to check your Collector Score snapshot to see where you stand, or skim the summary at the bottom of this post for quick hits.

Set Completion

The first new bonus is a Set Completion bonus.
In this bonus, once you complete a set, you will receive 2x the Collector Score points for every Moment inside of it.  In other words, for every different complete set you own (counting only Moments that are already released and ownable for a given set!) you'll receive essentially twice the points for owning those Moments. For now, you can't earn multiple Set Completion bonuses for the same set.

Take this example. If you owned each of the Moments from The Gift set, the baseline point values for those Moments would be:

  • 5 different Promo, Series 2, Common, Non-Challenge Reward Moments: 50 points
  • 1 Promo, Series 2, Common, Challenge Reward: 15 points 

Without the Set Completion Bonus, you'd have 65 total points. 

But since you own every collectible Moment needed to complete the set, you would add another 65 points to your Collector Score, for a total of 130 points from just these six Moments! 

Note that if you own stacks (multiples of the same play within a set), those don't contribute to or benefit from the Set Completion bonus. Are we looking into potential stack bonuses in the near future? Maybe! *wink* For now, if you owned a complete The Gift set plus an additional 15 point The Gift Derrick Rose Moment, you'd have 80 points of baseline Collector Score from The Gift Moments + the 65 point Set Completion bonus for a total of 145 points.

Because this bonus scales with the point value of the set itself, this can add up to quite a lot of points. For example, owning one of each Cosmic Moment would be worth 60,000 points already, but this bonus would be worth an additional 60,000 points.

Team Completion

We’ve also launched two new experimental team bonuses to help reach Holo Icon (Drop 3) queue eligibility requirements. 

And they’re designed to give a ton of upside to fans who go "all in" on their favorite team or teams.

In Series 1 (S1), seven different players were featured from the Phoenix Suns -- including the Leandro Barbosa Run It Back Moment. If you collected at least one S1 Suns Moments from each of those players, every S1 Suns Moment you owned would be granted an additional 50% (rounded down) point bonus in the form of a Series Team Completion bonus. That means each Leandro Barbosa Run It Back you owned would be worth 100 points baseline Collector Score plus an additional 50 points added to your Collector Score via Series Team Completion.

For those collectors who are true completionists and own at least one team Moment from every player ever to be featured on that team in a Moment, they would unlock an additional 150% bonus score for each of those Moments in the form of a Full Team Completion bonus. Yes, that would come in addition to any Series Team Completion bonuses also earned. Please note, some team completion bonuses won't be achievable until Playoff Packs release on Friday, June 11, 2021.

As of now, in our Phoenix Suns example, that would mean owning at least one Suns Moment from each of the following twelve players: 

  • Deandre Ayton, Leandro Barbosa, Devin Booker, Mikal Bridges, Jevon Carter, Jae Crowder, Cameron Johnson, Kelly Oubre Jr., Chris Paul, Cameron Payne, Ricky Rubio, and Jalen Smith. 

Note that an Oklahoma City Chris Paul Moment wouldn't count toward this requirement, nor would that Moment benefit from any Suns-related Team Completion bonuses. 

As an example of the scoring, say you owned at least one Series 1 Moment from each of the seven players featured as Suns in Series 1 ... and also owned at least one Suns Moment from each of the 12 players who have appeared so far as Suns in NBA Top Shot. For each and every Leandro Barbosa Run It Back Moment you owned, you would score 300 points:

  • 100 baseline Collector Score (for a Series 1, Rare, Non-Challenge Reward)
  • +50 from Series Team Completion
  • +150 from Full Team Completion

In addition to these new bonuses, Collector Score will continue to feature the Challenge Bonus. Not only that, eligibility for Holo Icon will include Drop bonuses: Cool Cats Lounge Bonus and the Marketplace Bonus. Read more about all of the Holo Icon details here.


As promised, all of the above boils down to some pretty simple stuff.

  1. Complete sets and double up on points with Set Completion bonuses
  2. Collect at least one Moment from each player on a team of your choice for a given series and score Series Team Completion bonuses
  3. Collect at least one Moment from each player ever to be featured on a team of your choice and score big time Full Team Completion bonuses

We've seen collectors already building up their Top Shot collections in these fun ways, and we’re pushing additions live for the Holo Icon drop so that we can learn (in real time) how to incentivize collectors to show off their fandom even more. 

Like what you see? Have suggestions or ideas? Please share with the team so that we can continue to make Collector Score an even more fun and engaging way to stack up your collection & build your cred as a collector.