UPDATE: Top Shot Score has replaced Collector Score. Please visit this blog to learn all about this exciting new aspect of collecting on NBA Top Shot!



We’re excited to share a new feature that we’ve been working on behind-the-scenes: Collector Score. This is an experimental new system to make pack drop eligibility requirements more flexible while still maintaining the spirit of the eligibility requirements in the first place: rewarding committed collectors with access to great content.

Unlike previous pack drops when we would highlight more rigid requirements - such as owning 15 or more common Moments, 2 rares or 1 legendary - we want to leave it up to you as a collector to own the Moments that matter most to you. 

Collector Score allows us to set a minimum target score, which can be reached any number of ways, and doesn’t require specific collection breakdowns or Marketplace behavior. Whereas previously a collector that owned 13 common Moments and 1 rare would have failed to meet a cut-off requiring a rigid 15 or more Moments or 2 rares, Collector Score allows us to avoid these gaps by taking a more holistic look at collections.

The simple idea is that your Collector Score is made up of the Moments you own - all of them***. Each Moment, depending on its scarcity, tier, Series and whether or not that Moment was a challenge reward, will determine how many points it’s worth.

In the future, we anticipate layering on other ways for collectors to earn score bonuses for completing sets, increasing your Baller Status rank, stacking Moments, and more! Collector Score will create new ways for us to reward passionate collectors on NBA Top Shot. 

Below is a breakdown of the scoring system we’ve implemented as we launch this new feature. The weighted scoring system is subject to change as we optimize the system in the future.

Series 1 Moments:

Common (Base Set only): 25 points 
Common (Non-Base Set): 40 points
Rare: 100 points
Legendary: 2000 points

Series 1 Challenge Rewards:

Common (Base Set only): 37 points
Common (Non-Base Set): 60 points
Rare: 150 points
Legendary: 3000 points

Series 2 Moments:
Common (Base Set only): 12 points
Common (Promo*): 10 points
Common (Non-Base Set): 20 points
Rare: 80 points
Legendary: 1000 points

Series 2 Challenge Rewards:

Common (Base Set only): 18 points
Common (Promo) Challenge Reward: 15 points
Common (Non-Base Set) Challenge Reward: 30 points
Rare: 120 points
Legendary: 1500 points

* Promo are Moments earned by collectors like The Gift.
** Points are subject to change for future drops as this is still in testing.

*** Moments in sealed packs do not count toward your Collector Score.

- UPDATE: May 19, 2021 -

Thanks to great feedback from the community we're unveiling the first experimental Collector's Score Bonus: the Challenge Completion Bonus. In our next Collector's Score snapshot, collectors will receive this bonus for each challenge they completed where they currently own a Challenge Reward associated with that challenge.

Those who have not completed a challenge and have acquired the Challenge Reward from the Marketplace will have the same point total applied as before, without this bonus. Here is how the Challenge Completion Bonus will work:

Series 1 - Challenge Completion + Reward Owned

Common (Non-Base Set) = 20 points
Rare = 50 points
Legendary = 1000 points

Series 2  - Challenge Completion + Reward Owned
Common (Non-Base Set) = 70 points
Common (Promo) = 35 points
Rare = 280 points
Legendary = 3,500 points

Here’s an example: You completed the Holo Icon Challenge 6 and have received the reward totalling 10 Moments! You would have the following in your collection:

(10) Series 2 Legendary Moments (9 non-rewards, plus one reward): 9,000 points + 1,500 points = 10,500 points
(1) Series 2 Challenge Completion Bonus: 3,500 points

Total Collector's Score: 14,000 points

If you hadn’t completed the challenge and you just bought the reward you would not receive the extra Challenge Completion Bonus! This bonus applies only up to once per challenge completed, so owning multiple of the Giannis Antetokounmpo Holo Icon Moment in this example would not result in extra bonuses. Note that you do not need to own the exact Moment and serial number you originally received from completing the challenge, but do need to own at least one Challenge Reward associated with the challenge you completed.

- UPDATE: June 3, 2021 -

Collector Score upgrades are coming, and they’ll be complemented by an exciting new addition called Drop Bonuses, which will allow us to reward collectors on a drop-by-drop basis based on real-time events happening in the Top Shot ecosystem.

For Premium Packs the needed Collector Score for entry into the queue will be 2,500. The number is lofty but, to be sure, the Bonuses will carry many collectors to the goal line. The Drop Bonus is added to your Collector Score, and if the combined total is above 2,500, you’ll be eligible.

In the case of Premium Packs, the Drop Bonuses are: 

  1. Ownership of all 30 Cool Cats Moments in your collection (gives you +2,500 pts, enough to qualify you for the drop). Reminder: Moments in sealed packs don't count to your collection.
  1. Having spent more money in the Top Shot Marketplace than you've sold. (i.e. a tiered bonus of up to +2,300 pts depending on net spend: Marketplace purchases minus Marketplace Sales up until May 31st 11:59pm PDT).

While having a high Collector Score will always be the safest method to gain drop eligibility, we plan to look at a variety of ways to grant collectors access to future queues.

Reference the chart below to see how your net Marketplace spend will serve as a bonus for this queue: 

While collectors who’ve net spent $4K+ of Moments from the Marketplace will still need to have some Moments in their collections, the bonus this time around gives them a massive boost toward eligibility.

As we look ahead to the Holo Icon drop later this month, we anticipate that the Collector Score needed for that drop will be significantly higher than the score needed for Premium Packs. We are testing net Marketplace spend as a catch-all benefit for experienced collectors, and if it’s received positively, we are open to using it again in the future (potentially even for the Holo Icon drop, measuring net Marketplace spend in a more concentrated recent timeframe). 

Long term, we know that limited drops will be designed for those who love to collect Moments and show off their fandom. There are dozens of interesting ways to collect and no one way is better than the next. We want to consider rewarding ALL types of collectors in this new direction, and we believe Collector Score coupled with Drop Bonuses will help us bring more happy collectors to the ecosystem long term.