With the introduction of Team Leaderboards and Checklists, Set Rewards, the close of Series 3 and so many other exciting updates for Top Shot collectors, it’s time for a refresh on how all of these parts of your experience work together. 

Team Leaderboards allow you to lock Moments for any of the NBA or WNBA’s teams, for a minimum of 365 days, to demonstrate your fandom, flex your collection and make yourself eligible for rewards tied to your placement on each Leaderboard. 

Your rank on the Leaderboard is determined by a score that is made up of Top Shot Score and Team Score bonuses for locked Moments. 

The Leaderboard Score for any specific Moment in your collection that you lock is equal to your Top Shot Score for that Moment. Each individual Moment you lock contributes to that score. 

By completing (and locking) a Team Checklist, your Leaderboard Score will climb too. 

Team Checklists can be found by visiting your personalized Top Shot Score page here, then selecting the drop-down arrow to select a team. You can then view your progress across the categories for each team and click on any of them to view exactly what you have and what you are missing. 

There are three potential colors you will see on this screen. 

  • Gray = you don’t own the Moment yet 
  • White = you own the Moment but it is not locked 
  • Green = the Moment is owned and locked

For reference, here’s a view of NBA player and collector Harrison Barnes’ collection and Series 2 Sacramento Kings Top Shot Moments, containing unowned, owned and owned + locked Moments.

This is Harrison's Top Shot Score, containing an overview of his Checklists and Locked Moments.

This is Harrison's Checklist for Series 2, showing what he doesn't own (Hassan Whiteside), does own (De'Aaron Fox) and has owned + locked (Harrison Barnes).

When you own and lock these Moments, and complete any of the Checklists, you’ll become eligible for bonuses that help you ascend a Team Leaderboard. 

Harrison currently sits in the 8th spot of the Sacramento Kings Team Leaderboard.

For each Team Series Checklist you complete and lock, you will earn 10,000 additional points.

For example, a New York Knicks collector who owns all of the Moments required to complete the Series 3 Team Checklist will get 10,000 points on top of the score they’ve earned for locking each individual Moment.

Owning and completing the Series 2 and Series 3 team Checklist will earn you 20,000 points.

With Series 3 closed, you can now complete a Series 1, Series 2 and/or Series 3 Team Series Checklist, earning 10,000 points for each. 

When you complete and lock all of the Moments required for the Contemporary Team Checklist — which is every player on the roster that appeared in a Moment on that team from Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3, you will earn a 20,000 point bonus.

In the case of the Knicks, if you owned and locked all 18/18 Contemporary Moments, you would receive an additional 20,000 point bonus.

By owning all Contemporary and Historical Moments from a specific team, you can complete the All-Time Team Checklist. This extremely difficult feat will earn you a final 25,000 point bonus. 

When a Series is closed, two things will happen:

  • A Series Checklist will be made available for any teams that had contemporary Moments within that Series.
  • The team's Contemporary and All-Time Checklists will be updated to include any new players from the recently closed Series.

Locking Moments is also the key to unlocking Set Rewards. In the process of locking Moments to complete Series, Contemporary or All-Time Team Checklists, you’ll likely also lock Moments that belong to a Set. When you complete a Set from Series 1, 2 or 3 and lock all the Moments it contains, you’ll be eligible to receive a series of designated, clearly outlined rewards during Series 4. 

So, what will you lock next?