NBA Top Shot Leaderboards are here, adding a new dimension to your collection and experience in Series 4 and beyond. 

The concept behind Leaderboards is simple: as you build up your collection, you’ll be able to lock Moments into your account for 365 days to climb Leaderboards associated with your favorite teams and players. 

Show off that you’re a top fan: starting today, you can lock Moments and climb Leaderboards for your favorite teams. 

Before the NBA season tips off, you’ll be able to lock and climb Leaderboards for your favorite players, too. 

Select WNBA Leaderboards will offer opportunities for rewards as well, before the end of 2022.

Collectors will earn points for every Moment they lock, based on the Moment’s corresponding Top Shot Score (TSS) value. 

1 locked TSS point = 1 point on every matching Leaderboard. 

NBA Top Shot Leaderboards

Locked Moments will earn you TSS points on both Team and — eventually — Player Leaderboards. 

When Top Shot Score (TSS) launched on May 18, 2022, it gave our community a clear and solid foundation for long-term decisions and collecting. Now, with locking ready and the Leaderboards program designed for Series 4, we’ll build off that foundation together.

Leaderboards In Action

Team Leaderboards NBA Top Shot

For example, if you lock any Klay Thompson Moment into your collection, you will earn points on both the Golden State Warriors Team Leaderboard and Klay Thompson’s Player Leaderboard.

The locking duration will last for 365 days. More details on what that entails are shared below.  

Note: Locking a Moment now will automatically apply the correct points to future Player Leaderboards as soon as they’re ready. All players with a Moment on Top Shot will have Leaderboards that showcases their top fans, but only select players’ Leaderboards will come with rewards, as these rewards will be directly tied to the player earning top accolades in the upcoming season.

The higher the combined locked TSS of those Moments, the higher you’ll rank on a Leaderboard. 

Collectors can expect exclusive airdrops and groundbreaking rewards to those who rank highly on the Leaderboards, distributed periodically throughout each year. 

The first of these exclusive rewards will be new Moments, attributed directly to the teams, featuring dynamic duos from the franchise’s past decade. These Moments will be each team's Top Shot Debut and fall into the Rare tier of scarcity.

The first drop will occur by October 2022 and the new Moments will be airdropped to the Top 750 collectors on each team Leaderboard. 

The thresholds to earn rewards will not always be pre-announced to promote healthy competition and leave some mystery for future Leaderboard rewards.

What’s Locking?

Locking is new to NBA Top Shot. A locked Moment cannot be sold, gifted, transferred, traded-in, or burned via Crafting or otherwise throughout Series 4.

Collectors will, however, be able to use locked Moments to participate in traditional Challenges when the edition is usable.

When you lock a Moment, it will remain locked for 365+ days. At the end of the locking period, you will be able to unlock the Moment at your discretion.

The option to unlock a Moment will be a readily available option after the mandatory locking period has completed.

When a Moment gets unlocked, its corresponding Top Shot Score will no longer tie to your Leaderboard rank.

What Kind of Rewards Can I Expect?

Leaderboard Rewards NBA Top Shot

Every NBA team and fanbase will be able to earn at least four different Team Leaderboard Rewards in Series 4, meaning there will be a minimum of 120 NBA rewards available to members of our global community who choose to participate in this exciting new aspect of collecting on Top Shot.

Additional rewards will be available for WNBA and Player Leaderboards. 

Not every reward will be decided based on the same rules and criteria, ensuring that varying  levels of the community can be rewarded for locking their Moments, not just the very top of each Leaderboard — though top collectors will have some very special rewards designed for them as well.   

Introducing Moment Reels

Reels are Moments that contain multiple plays and highlights, and they’re coming to Top Shot.

Starting with select Leaderboard Rewards, Reels will be part of Top Shot in the future, and we can’t wait to recreate the magic of the game in a new way as officially licensed digital collectibles.

Team Checklists

Team Checklists make it easy to track every player from each Series for any team, helping collectors stay up to date with completions and what’s missing from their collection. 

We’re introducing Team Checklists in early August.

When you complete one and lock your Checklist:

- You’ll get a point boost for your Team Leaderboard position [See here for more information]

- You’ll gain access to the team’s exclusive Top Shot community, led by Team Captains who organize events and contests with a monthly budget we provide. Read more info and join your favorite team’s community here.

Leaderboard FAQ

When do rewards drop?

Rewards will come periodically throughout the year for different leaderboards. We encourage fans to lock in the Moments they love to own and hold. Our first NBA Team Leaderboard reward will drop by October 2022.

Will my rank affect the type of reward I get?

Moment rewards will be minted to specific counts that will be distributed to Leaderboard collectors. A higher rank will result in more rewards, and unique rewards as well. Not all rewards will necessarily be exclusive to the top 100, 1000, or even 2000.

Can I be on more than one Leaderboard at a time?

Yes. You can rank on as many Leaderboards as you’d like to pursue.

We reviewed collection data and surveyed our audience to determine that enabling participation on multiple leaderboards allows Top Shot collectors to best celebrate their NBA fandom.

As of today, 92.9% of Moments owned by collectors are not from the team they've classified as their favorite.

Will the WNBA be included?

Yes. WNBA Leaderboard are now live, with details on rewards for teams and select players shared before the end of 2022. 

What is the lock duration? 

The minimum lock duration is 365 days.  

Can I complete Challenges with Locked Moments?

Yes, with the exception of Crafting Challenges where a Locked Moment would be consumed. 

Is there any way to unlock a Moment?

Any time after the lock duration (365 days from the day you locked the Moment) you can unlock your Moment and restore the ability to sell, gift, trade-in, or use the Moment in Crafting Challenges.

Will I lose TSS by locking my Moments?

No. Locking a Moment does not remove the Top Shot Score value associated with your Moments. Locking, however, is the only way to get the Moment’s associated TSS value tied to that Team or Player Leaderboard. 

Will I gain TSS if the Average Sale Price (ASP) of my Moments increases?

Yes. We’re actively developing a solution that will boost your TSS and your leaderboard position as a Moment’s ASP increases.

Will All-Star Teams have Leaderboards?

We do not plan to reward All-Star Team Leaderboards this series. 

What happens if Top Shot Scores are tied?

Today, we’re resolving ties using your Flow Address — before the first reward drop, we will be updating Leaderboards to resolve ties by measuring the first collector to reach that score. If two collectors have locked up exactly 1000 TSS, the collector who reached 1000 first will be placed above the other. Every collector will have a distinct rank.

Can I lock a set?

Yes, details on locking sets and the rewards you can expect to receive in Series 4 for doing so can be found here.

Visit our Leaderboards HQ to get started today!

This blog post was updated at 4:35pm ET on Wednesday, August 3 to provide an updated timeline on Team Checklists and clarify uncertainty about the Debut and Tier status of the first Leaderboard Rewards. This blog was also updated at 6:37pm ET on Wednesday, August 3 to provide links to details on WNBA Leaderboards and Set Locking.